Tears of the Forsaken - Rp-Pve-PvP Conquest

“The Old World was yesterday, it was the past. You have left that, what was, for you have experienced it already, and found it wanting, miserable, pale. Oh, don’t believe me? Well, here you stand.

Indeed, you stand here in Veldnar because you seek something else, something greater than misery. It is to be found here for sure, but don’t expect it to be easy.

That which has little cost has little value. Greatness is purchased only with great effort, with tears, with blood. Take your sword, your coin-purse, your wits, and with those, seek out your destiny, for in the Redsands Kingdom, you become either a legend, or you become Forsaken.”

What to expect:
A server with deep storylines and RP driven around the conflict between the factions, a land filled with strife and pain to test your mettle as you build your own story, death and blood are plenty and will test you on your journey. This is a PvP RP server and it is to be expected, following our server rules and driven by RP, always.

Server settings:

No Drop on Death

Near vanilla settings

No looting bodies

Bodies disappear on log off

Mods we use:
Thrall war dungeon mod
Warrior Mutator
Admin Skelos Collector for Warrior Mutator
Conan Sexiles
Shadow of Skelos - Extended
Savage steel 2
RP Aesthetics
Primal Armors
Xena Warrior Princess Wardrobe
Immersive Armors
Dudes Delightful Decorations
The Age of Calamitous
Improved quality of life
Glass Constructions and more…
Stacksize Plus v1.7.1 (DLC compatible)
Tears of the Forsaken Server Assets
Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal (EEWA)
Hosav’s extensive Server and Customisable Class Mod
Less Building Placement Restrictions

Features of Tears of the Forsaken include, but is not limited to:

Level 40 boost, optional.

An admin team devoted to creating a wonderful place for deep RP, purposeful and fun PvP, and challenging but satisfying PvE.

Custom Lore in a living and evolving world. Don’t expect just a starting setup, this is a living, breathing world, and history does not stop just because the game loaded in.

A host of playable fantasy races, using mod-support to make them appear distinct, using lore to add to their depth.

Three rival factions vying for control of the land, utilizing a custom Territory Control System. You say you own this land? The borders are drawn, but can you defend it?

One neutral faction for those who do not wish to raid, but have no reluctance in selling to those who do, become a trader or a mercenary and test your wits.

Admin built hubs, fps friendly, filled with tons of content and stories.

Custom Dungeons, like you have never seen before, both mid and end-game, with lore and quests to add to the immersion.

Six Orders, representing six custom classes. In depth multi-classing system with custom abilities and powerful unique abilities including weapons, War-cries, magic, and more, so much more.**

Hundreds of custom quests, from ever expanding, sweeping storylines, to entertaining dailies, and much more in between.

A custom profession system tailored to promote high player trade commerce.

Pvp Coliseum Arena to hold pvp events.

Monster spawner Arena like you have never seen before. World bosses, horde waves, adjusted to the amount of players that enter as a party.
Player-run hubs, meant to promote RP as well as holding custom dailies and content befitting the theme of it, a way for players to help the team drive lore and RP forward into a vibrant community.

That’s not it, but I don’t want you to read all day.

So if we have caught your attention, check our server out!