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The images are great TeaThief, characterization is brilliant :slight_smile:


Only hundreds? That looks more like thousands…
That said you should see my colored pencil collection, while not so prices it’S way more numerous.


I demand photos of this colored pencil collection. XD Share the art pride/shame!

As far as my approximate cost, I was being modest, but if I do the math, based on average prices of those individual pens, it comes out to something like …

… wow, that was math I almost wish I hadn’t done. With the Copics, the Prismacolors, the handful of other brands, and the Copic refill tubes, and NOT including my gel pens, writing pens, miscellaneous brush pens and other weirdness, that assortment of markers comes to over $1,370. O_o

Dear god, and that is JUST my MARKERS.

I don’t even want to THINK about my colored pencils, watercolors, acrylics, printmaking supplies, specialty papers, sketchbooks, portfolios, or sewing supplies.



I feel you. Art and yarn stores are the bane of my checkbook.


For about 6 years post-college, I worked in a small, independently run art supply store, where the employees got a 40% discount. So… that’s where a lot of my gear came from. I haven’t worked there in a long time, though, and every time I go to replace something I’ve run out of, I feel the pangs of how expensive it used to NOT be.


Have more random Secret World art!

Tristan as a new-Bee agent, and later, as a seasoned veteran who’s SEEN $#!7.

His mental state doesn’t improve once he reaches Tokyo…

Screenshot from Egypt, done with no hard black lines like most of my work.

Wary in Tokyo

Trying to sleep in an abandoned house in al-Merayah

Waiting for a call on a rainy night


I like the first three a lot, a bit of a mental triptych for Tristan…

I also like the menu in the last one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

They all look fantastic as ever. :heart:


I never know who’s going to read that menu… XD I COULD have made it a boring, legit menu, but… why?


Whoo! Been a while since I posted last. (okay fine, a few days at most.) Here’s a selection of characters that belong to friends of mine.


Goes by ‘Abby’ most of the time. A Scottish swordswoman for hire who died in the 1500’s, and whose soul was trapped in a sword blade by a sorcerer/jealous ex. She existed as an artifact in this private collection or that museum or forgotten in that other vault for centuries until a curly British thief (Tristan) saw a pretty, valuable sword in the private collection of a dickish German collector and… uh… ‘liberated’ it, only to discover upon getting it home that the blade was possessed. After the initial Scottish/English rivalry, Abby figured out Tristan was a good man, and he and his friends John and Penny helped break the curse to free her from the sword. They assumed that was the end of Abby, that she’d move on to the afterlife, leaving them to mourn, but she showed up weeks later, alive and well. Evidently she’d been a Bee in life, and releasing her soul from the blade had allowed her to return to her body and resurrect as usual. She is now involved with both Tristan and John, although she remains unaffiliated with any faction.


Arafael, an Illuminati Bee agent, is a blood mage of considerable skill, and also Geary’s favorite agent for cleaning up gross, messy, or weird problems. Quick on her feet, creative in the face of bizarre, slimy circumstances, and unfortunately very experienced with everything from burrito-based cultists to school lunch menus going VERY wrong, Arafael gets called in a LOT, and bemoans her lack of anything resembling time off.

John Hawkens

Mentioned previously in this thread, John Hawkens is a former Orochi agent who got Bee’d, saw too much, learned too much about what Orochi was involved in, and defected, running to the Illuminati for protection. Tristan was made Hawkens’ handler, and under Tristan’s (gentle, patient, but exceedingly anxious) guidance, Hawkens became a full-fledged field agent for the Illuminati, and the two men became fast friends… and Hawkens developed a massive crush on his handler. While Tristan primarily identifies as straight… he’s discovering that his preferences might be a little blurrier than he originally thought…

Paksara “Pax” Philips

Young but tough as nails, Pax is a Templar paladin who was chosen by Gaia at age 19, and suffers from a perpetual case of ‘aren’t you a little young for this?’. She was the first person Alex encountered when she was looking for answers about vampires, and ultimately was the one to recruit her to the Templars.


Pin up! Sort of.

Arafael having a less-than-ideal time wrangling some tentacled monstrosity at Innsmouth Academy.

I’ll start dropping some more of these this week-- I’ve been slacking.


Pin-up! Again, sort of.

Braxton, unenthusiastic agent of the Dragon, trying to enjoy a freaking hot spring and some beer, and there’s this stupid wendigo


Another sorta-pin-up! Gaius Caster, recovering after a workout in the men’s locker room in Temple Hall. (The names on the lockers behind him are the last names of various other Templar characters collected from friends!


New night, new pin-up! John Hawkens, before he lost his right arm, or defected from Orochi!


More pin-ups! Here’s Tristan’s brother, Hunter, next to a fire in Louisiana.


Ral, agent of the Dragon, wishing he’d read the manual before getting involved with ghosts.



I love the supply closet. The parts box has me cackling about the third Re-Animator movie, I like that you covered both black and white magic with the ritual candles, I ADORE THE JAR OF EYEBALLS, and the school-brand totally-not-a-bucket-of-blood is…accurate. XD I can’t quite read the top text on the soap tin? But “Ill-Advised Recipes” is great, as are the Thinkies. The kitten calendar feels like a familiar trope in this setting, though I can’t remember where else I might have seen it? HMMM

I like that Gaius appears to have named his hammer Lucy. :rofl:

…Okay so smirks are more my jam, and you are great at drawing them, so :sparkling_heart: :point_right: :point_right: @ John

Hunter looks like he could use a hug. Or a nap. He has a very DoneTM expression.

AAAAA THE GHOST IS TRANSPARENT SHE LOOKS SO NEAT! :heart: I can’t quite read the smaller text on the manual, but I am going to pretend it says “A Manual for the Recently Deceased” until further clarification. :grin:

…I am very tempted to toss a link Scriv’s way. The first one, at the very least, is definitely his jam. XD


Holy Soap! (Willing to bet half the staff, faculty, and student body can’t actually touch it…

The title is actually “A Manual for the Unwise Adventurer”, but he’s likely to BECOME the ‘Recently Deceased’ if he makes a wrong move, there. XD

Glad you’re getting a kick out of them, even if you’re not really the ‘intended audience’. (I’m kinda demi myself, so this is about as sexy as I usually draw… and it’s so much more fun with Easter eggs for people to find.)


HEHEHE HOLY SOAPS I am hearing it like “holy smokes” in my head which is making me giggle all the more

Hah! That is an excellent title, thankee for the clarification. XD

Would you mind if I send a link to Scriv? I can DM it to him, if you’d prefer I not just toss it out on twitter with him tagged. (Or! You can send him a link, if you have not yet and have facebook/twitter/tumblr. He is very friendly and loves shiny things. :D)


Oh PLEASE send him a link! (I’m not on Facebook or Twitter, but I think I’ve @'d him on Tumblr a few times.) As with most artists, I’m a glutton for attention. :star_struck:


Attention get! :grin:


Telyssa, flirting with a succubus in the Hell zone around the Overlook Motel.