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It looks so good tho!


So, I’ve been super-busy moving for the last few weeks, but in between all of that, I also put a bit of time and effort into doing a detailed, diagrammed, written-out how-to guide for one of the sabotage missions in the game: The Castle.

I have a special chip on my shoulder for this mission, because the first time I ran it, with Tristan, back in the old TSW version of the game, I came THISCLOSE to running it flawlessly, and getting the achievement, on my first try.

…but I got hung up on the geometry of a chair for about a second too long, and got caught by a guard. I was SO MAD.

So now, in this version of the game, I sat down and drew out my own how-to diagrams for stealth running the Castle. Maybe these will be helpful to someone, maybe not. But it was a lot of work, so I figured I’d share. (Images behind spoiler blurs, just in case.)



I have wanted a proper Senior Agent outfit for the longest time. I did contact one professional creator for such an item and never heard back and never pursued it again. It would rock and look especially nice next to my Galactica dress blues in the closet.

Love the art and jealous of the awesome cosplay outfit.


Well, I’m still in the process of setting up my sewing space in the new house (we moved recently), but once I’ve got my corner all carved out, I can take commissions again. I’ve sewn four Illuminati uniform jackets (two for myself, and two as commissions), so I’d have no problem with doing a fifth. :sunglasses:


Almost forgot to upload this here! (I’m on Tumblr and Deviantart, too.)

Tristan, post-combat in a seedy club, checks in with KG, objective in hand. After everything he’s seen, what’s a little blood?

(Done with marker on Bristol board, as usual).


The Sun Temple gate in the Carpathian Fangs zone, marking the entrance to Agartha.

Watercolors on Arches hot-press watercolor paper, this time. Whew, I never work in watercolor, so it’s not perfect, but I do like it.