Tech support question RX580

Running a rx580 with 16 gigs of ram.

Running from my pc to my Onkyo NR6100 into my LGC1.

The problem:
Intermittent black screen or snow screen:
Once black or snowy, will only go back to normal if I changes sources on my avr and then back to pc on the avr.

Intermittent sound loss:
Same as above.

Have tried:
Different hdmi cables
Different Display port cables
Using a different source on the avr
Bypassing the avr and going straight to the tv.
Uninstalling and reinstalling CE
All drivers up to date
Tv and avr firmware are up to date
Windows is up to date
Happens during multiplayer
Happens during single player
Lowering and raising graphic options seems to have no effect
Tried playing 1440 as well as 1080

All other games run fine. CE is the only title that gives me any trouble.

Do you have a PC monitor to test on, does it happen on a monitor?

Tested on a monitor as well as my wife’s tv and I’m still running into the same issue(s).

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