Teleport Pads Improvements


Decaying discourage me from having more than one base (one day I’ll grow tired of CE, but I could still log in once a week to save my base || but having to save more than one could be really tiresome).

But, at the same time, Teleport Pads are useless if you don’t have more than 1 base.
So, these are ideas to make them more useful for everyone:

  1. Return Home Spell
    A Spell that allows you to immediately return to your Set Teleport Pad (like Beds you have to select a teleport pad for this by interacting with it). This could be a nice QoL improvement.

  2. Shared Decaying Reset
    All buildings with a Teleport Pads have Decaying Cooldown Reset Shared (which means when you reset the cooldown on 1 building, you will reset it on every one). To prevent abuses, we could have a limit to buildable Teleport Pads (like, say, 5)

  3. Enable Inter-Clans Teleports
    One may open passages to other Clan’s Teleport Pads, as long as they allow it.
    This could be done easily with a Set Permission Option (Allow/Not Allow): for other clans to use selected Teleport Pad.

There are better ways to implement this, that could bring better results, but that’s the easiest one.