Teleporters in the green wall

Soooo my fellow exiles, I have a devious idea as my base designs have full embraced sorcery and sky is the limit but for a defense…an evil idea has emerged and curious everyone’s thoughts about ToS with it

Now we all know we can build into the green wall. What about putting a teleporter in there and activating it? The purpose is a a death trap as they use one teleporter and die. Sure activating it will kill me but I bet real money that I go through the animation of activation before I die.


How do you want to activate it ?

Hmmm maybe possible.

I have a feeling that would get you a ban if you are reported.


Most things will tbh


Why? No one told other non clam members to use it. Theu want a free port, better be wary of traps. It is Conan Universe correct?


I don’t think it would be bannable - I don’t think it should be bannable…

But then again I didn’t think it would be or should be bannable to kill thralls on a PvP server by setting down a palisade next to them and the game officials here in the forums told me how dead wrong I was too, so…

I like it. Some people definitely won’t, but I mean come on… “arrest him officer I tried to break into his house and there was a trap on the floor” is not the best defence.

Yeah. I feel like it should be OK to trap people in buildings on PVP because there are mechanics to destroy the buildings, but I’m pretty sure doing that these days might be bannable. Even on PVP.

The ToS seem a little vague :thinking: Pretty sure I’m the first to notice this, maybe I should start a thread about it?

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The vagary. or the trap? Traps like that are pretty ancient and the claims of vagary started as soon as they started enforcing their ToS.

Aw, man. Here I was thinking about placing the teleporter just on the other side of the green wall so you’d materialize safely on the outside, but I forgot you need to enter the thing in order to power it up.

You could try your version in Single-Player and see if it works.

Sooo figured some tests are in order, I tried twice.
It’s very dramatic :frowning:


There is defined spot where the character walks to in order to do the ritual animation.

I think if you manage to place this on the part of the wall where you don’t die, you might be able to activate it.


It would be nice if…:

  • You step on the pad
  • Open your map
  • See the network set up highlighted on the map with hover names

Are the pad names changeable? Haven’t looked into that…

Yes. You can rename the stone and the name you type will be presented on the floating stones.


Why not place and activate the portal outside the green wall then use Move option to place it inside the green wall?

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Activate you not can move the teleport stone

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Well only option then is to know exactly where activating portal animation is going to be and place the portal so precise that you won’t die. It will leave the portal partially in th3 green wall. You can allways place spikes from safe side to force player to run opposite site into green wall. But there’s a big chance that when teleported he can instantly get killed as he will spawn right into green wall.

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