Teleporting after using The Keystone

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: N/A

After using The Keystone ID 15517
A player resets their character as described.
Any teleporting by player after using The Keystone results in another character recreation.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Craft The Keystone
  2. Use The Keystone
  3. Recreate character
  4. Teleport using admin, or mod powers
  5. Recreate character
  6. Rinse, wash, repeatable

While this was tested extensively on our test server ranging from no mods, to all of our mods. We were limited to using mostly admin or RCON powers.
Trying to replicate this without would be a huge undertaking.


One thing we really wanted to test, but couldn’t find an easy way to go about. Was if this will also bug on maproom telepotations. Or entering an instanced dungeon.

If anyone has an idea on how to test that without grinding out a full game every server wipe to test. Please let me know.

At this point we might have to remove this item via a mod.

I recall reading a bug report where a player who had completed the story and went through the process of creating a new character went into The Dreggs. It bugged out and took him to character creation.

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That is a big problem then!
If it was just admin, or mods causing it. I would say it is a back burner issue.
But if any reloading of the character forces it to revert to endgame. Ouch

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Using a map room teleport does cause the problem. I found out at level 35. Ouch.

Also the character that walks off into the sunset appears (from a distance) to be a default male. Like if the character layout were all defaults.

Because this is not your character, but Conan himself. He got sick and tired because of all the bugs and decided to bail out of Exiled lands :rofl:


This was a big issue for us. We had to change the item in our mod to give magical powers (short burst of super fast running) instead of the endgame.
It’s a shame a player is essentially punished for reaching endgame currently.

Looked at it in the kit. In BPGameItemFood_Keystone there are event binds to SignalSequencePlayerReady, and OnStop. My guess is those are still bound if you keep playing with a new character after using the keystone.

Yea I just tried it after a client and server restart and the problem went away. Was able to use a map room on my new character. I don’t think those event binds survive a restart, so there’s your workaround if I’m right about all this.

… or maybe it was fixed in the little hotfix earlier.

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Restart of client and server did not work for me.

This seems to be a very important and severe bug, I am curious why there is no developer acknowledgement or addressing the issue. o.O This essentially has made it so I can’t admin my own server anymore, so I consider this a pretty damn important oversight on their part. I’d literally have to buy conan on a second account to be able to move forward…