Teleporting bugs in online pve conflict

Game mode: [Online | pve conflict]
Problem: [Bug]

I’m having an issue where I cannot enter or exit buildings or even a doorway, it just teleports me backwards as if I’m lagging and is now teleporting me away from other objects as well. Please help me resolve this

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hey there @Landie94

Welcome to our community and sorry for the frustrating issues.
We’re aware of this issue and we’re looking into it. Until then, there’s a reported workaround for this issue, which is to drop all your belongings in a nearby container and remove your bracelet. This will kill your character but also get rid of this issue.

It’s very good to hear that you guys are working on this. We’ve been locked out of our server since saint Patties day lol
Doors aren’t loading and the teleporting glitches as well, however we are experiencing another odd issue, and I’m not sure if it’s just because of a loading error or what, but upon loading into the game all of my tribe mates and I, fall through the map… we have to put our controller down and wait for our character to hit the bottom of the map, at that point he teleports back to where we logged out at, then begins the 45 minute wait for one of our doors to load in so we can escape our base :joy:

In that case this perhaps is the dreaded building loading/server desync issue we’ve been tracking down over the past few weeks. Some chunks of some buildings stopped loading due to an issue with some recent optimizations we introduced, and this caused some temporal desyncronization in the area affected by it (with stuff happening such as heavy rubberbanding, floating in the air, falling into the geometry and so on). We’ve fixed this problem on PC with a series of hotfixes that will be bundled together and released on all platforms soon.

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