Teleporting enemies on private server


So I’m playing on a private server with 4 people including me, and the enemies keep teleporting. They are not where they are supposed to be.

For example, an enemy is hitting to his left, 4 meters in front of me, and is able to hit me, but 2 seconds later he teleports to where he’s supposed to be, which is right in front of me.

I don’t know if there is a problem with the server or with my internet.
Some help would be appreciated.


That’s packet delay - or packet drop. It’s usually caused by a high ping. But it can also be the result of congestion. Are you downloading movies? Is the server operator downloading or using the server for other things during gameplay? What is your ping?

If you’re on a PC, to find out your ping; open the console (command prompt) and type “ping -t -l 10000” where “” is the ip address of the server you’re connecting to.

Ctrl+c or closing the window will stop the process once it gets going.

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Restart the server. And make sure you do this every 3-4 days. Servers get a bit wonky if they go too many days without a restart.

If that doesn’t help, then there is a connection issue somewhere.


The sad side effect when the client is in charge and tells the server what happened.
This can be heavily abused and Funcom does not care to fix it. I have seen to what degree this can be abused in the past and it is NOT FUN.

I did forget to mention that this is a thing with the Conan dedicated server. It has to be restarted every 24 hours. Even the official servers do this too. It’s likely some poorly written code they’ve never addressed, but the results are real. 3-4 days is too long to wait though. We were restarting every 24 and even had to begin restarting in 12 hour intervals.

Packet delay and loss is also still a possibility too though.

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How old is the database? A fresh server starts at 96 hours and then goes to 72, then 48, and finally 24. Once it goes below that, its about time for a wipe.

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Thank you! That was the problem


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