Teleporting players - Need help with cheater on an official server #6485 ISLE of SIPTAH


we have a problem on the official server number 6485. On 08-10-2020 around 22:10 an unprecedented event occurred. Suddenly, during a normal game, several independent players were teleported to one place at the same time. It was impossible to move and a message appeared on the screen that prevented any action. It also couldn’t be turned off (I don’t remember the content anymore). In the background you could hear sounds of fighting (bear attacking - probably a pet named UBG of one of the players). Then the server kicked me out. After a long while I logged in, I was already dead. I lost all equipment etc …
The whole event looked as one of the players had hacked administrator privileges and somehow moved the selected players to one place. I saw something like this for the first time! taking into account the reports of other players on the server about the appearance of a clan that starts building a base under the textures - I don’t want to play CONAN.
I was hoping that the old problems would end in the new expansion…, but It wouldn’t.
FUNCOM, I am asking you to intervence and check what happened on the server during these hours and take steps to prevent it from happening again on any server. Permanently ban any responsible persons.

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это произошло на сервере 6054


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