Telith's island

I realise this, but I assumed that you could meet her spirit there and listen to it (as completed journey text suggests), not just interact with lorestone. I’m asking if I have not missed out on lore.

I know about the sword, but I didn’t see any ghost on the island.

What do you mean?

Upcoming DLC Map 2030? :joy: sry but where did u see that?

No, it was always a janky thing for me, too - spent about an hour looking for pages or journals or ghosts here.

For those that still question it, and want proof, here is what we know so far about the map.

from the thread itself:
The Management Board’s recommendation to the Supervisory Board will be to increase the focus on the Open World Survival segment with Games-as-a-Service business model. This recommendation is based on the fact that Conan Exiles continues to perform well, with December 2019 having been the third best month in terms of average number players on PC since Early Access launch in January 2017 and with the Company continuing to develop the game with a paid map DLC (Downloadable Content) for release this year.

The performance of Conan Exiles and similar games indicates that this genre reports strong lifetime revenues. The recommendation also reflects the belief that both the Dune IP and the Survival games genre are a good match with a large long-term potential.

also another bit of evidence:

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Guys, I’m still confused, nobody gave me a clear answer. Am I supposed to meet her spirit/ghost or not?

I dont understand about what u ask :smiley: to be honest, i thinked u ask about dungeon where u need to kill kin… but now its look like u ask about island H8 grid, then there is no ghost, but start of Lemurian Lorestones for another journey steps… just press on stone who glows and u will start the quest to find all lorestones of lemurians

Also the guy who talked about DLC thinks u ask about Siptha island ( new hidden achivements )

this is why if someone ask help, they should write with explanations…

Answer for u if i understand now right : u wont meet any ghosts, just lorestone of lemurians that talks

You beat me to it lol.

@Sielgaudys - The OP is asking about something that is in game, the island located in the east part of the Highlands, and it’s called Telith’s Island, the location for the Sanctuary Ruins POI, Telith also been the name of the ghost. The ghost itself have been reported multiple times as bugged and not appearing at the location since late 2018.
Telith is the daughter of The Witch Queen, what Razma of Shem could see when she wore her mask. Telith and Tyros the Deathbringer were a couple and had a child named Xalthar together. Telith’s Island, Telith’s Lament and Telith’s Sorrow are dedicated to her. Tyros of course was the half breed child born of a human and a being of the Exiled Lands. He later killed the Priest King (his father) in a battle in the north.

With that said, The hidden achievements currently added but not achievable yet are for the new DLC map and not to be confused with what is been asked here, that’s Siptah Island?, not in yet, again, for more info, see below:

Siptah stuff (upcoming DLC Map):

Telith’s Island:


Oh, I see. So it is bugged. I was always confused about this. I can’t even find footage online of that ghost so I was not sure if it was a an actual thing. Really wish I could hear that lore.

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Siptah is not confirmed to be the new map for clarity. The new achievements could be independent of that.

Find the flower patch on the island, some people have reported that to be the trigger point for the ghost, it may or not work for you, best of lucks!

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That flower patch (Imi’s Cradle I think it’s called, it’s a discoverable location) does trigger demonic voice (or rather gibberish) to appear, but those are not tied to the ghost as far as I know. Seems this ghost is rather finicky. Wish devs came out and confirmed this however.

It is the first time i laugh about it.
Many times i asked for it.
So don’t talk shiet about me pls. :wink:

And its really cool when that comes.
I’m not a steam user, i play on ps4.

I meant you all, but changed it to better represent an answer to the questions about it.

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Ah ok.
So i will take my answer to the trash.

@mmorpgamerperson @GodsOfExiles

For all currently known information on the paid expansion DLC, see Upcoming features.

But this is not really confirmed.

Explain this on steam then
These are achivements that are “hidden” on steam but names can be visible if u open them with achivement manager :relaxed:

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:white_check_mark: Clarified. Feel free to let me know if you find anything else. :catnobanana:

@NeoTheMatrix They were looking for an official statement, such as those mentioned on the wiki.
(The references were already present, but the fact it was confirmed prior to giving a release ETA not written down)

Anyone can contribute to the wiki (preferably registered so we can stay in touch about your contributions). I’m currently the only contributor for this page.

Sure, if i can help i will do it. :blush:
I hope a Map DLC comes this year.
I love that game,. :heart_eyes: