Telling time: adding a clock?

Some of the regions make it hard to see the sun. Adding in the various weather patterns, knowing what time it is can be difficult. I propose adding a time keeping device. Possibly a sundial.


I don’t think it would be portable, but it would be cool to have at home.

Or maybe they could add a sorcery-based clock to the bracelets and work it into the lore, saying it’s so the slaves wouldn’t be late… I dunno. Just a thought.


I was thinking of one for home. Although… In the “Finltstones” Fred had a sun dial wrist watch XD

Or a candle clock

A sundial would really fit the atmosphere of the game. Please include this in your updates devs.

Use the shadows as a help, the everything is a sundial

Not during the rain, in the jungle/swamp. Or in a cave.

Good point there fella

Except a sundial wouldn’t work in those circumstances either.

Having general time of day info would be great. Dawn, Ealy Morning, Late Morning, Noon, etc.

Not intentionally trying to plug a mod… But PoE Master Mod has a clock integrated into the emotes menu.
Maybe ask the creator if he can make a standalone mod as the Master Mod has a lot of unrelated changes.