Temperature, balancing and PVP changes coming with the release of Isle of Siptah

Greetings, Exiles!

Exciting news are coming to the Exiled lands and beyond. The Isle of Siptah Expansion is coming to Early Access on PC, our biggest content release for Conan Exiles to date. With it, we’re not only adding a new map and tons of new content to the game, but also important changes geared towards improving the gameplay loop, normalizing progression across all game modes, adding a new array of settings for PVP servers in order to improve gameplay and make it more consistent and reliable when dealing with the temperature system.

These changes will not only be in effect for those of you embarking on new adventures in Isle of Siptah, but also for those of you in the Exiled lands as well. This is why we’d like to explain in detail what these changes entail and what they’ll bring to the table once they’re out on September 15th for PC, and at a later date for consoles.

Temperature system overhaul

Why did we change the system?
In large parts, the system works exactly as before but there were some glaring issues with the current implementation that we wanted to change in order for temperatures to be communicated better and more clearly on screen. Let’s go through the different changes and what they mean.

Armor Insulation and Temperature

Previously, player characters had a single stat for temperature. This meant that armors that modified that stat (such as “heat”) was directly modifying the stat up and down. This led to the effect many of you have experienced where clothing yourself in cold climates would actually make you even colder. This made no sense, so we changed the system to instead use Insulation. All clothes and armor now have two stats - Heat Resistance and Cold Resistance. Armors will (most often) give both, but be better at one of the two.

As an example: Vanir Settler armor, being fur, has a higher Cold Resistance than Heat Resistance. Only a select few armors directly modify the temperature directly anymore.

We also changed how temperatures are displayed in the item information panel. The old system would show a heat or cold bar but since armors now protect against both heat and cold, we now display both of these independently in the information panel.

Survival stat and Temperature

Your Survival stat will now grant a passive bonus to both Heat and Cold insulation. You are given 0.5 insulation for every point in Survival, meaning you can negate up to 30 degrees if you max out your Survival stat. This bonus stacks with any armor you wear.

Temperature indicators for consumables

Certain consumables such as Ice Tea, Absinthe and spiced food will modify your temperature. While these have not changed, we have added temperature indicators in the item information box for all such consumables, giving you a better overview of what drinks and foods will modify your temperature.

Note that these consumables still directly modify your temperature, so eating ice while in the snowy areas of the northern highlands will still lower your temperature.

Changes to temperature debuffs

The biggest change for temperature de/buffs if that we have removed the Soothing buff. The Soothing-buff made sense when it was implemented; it was a reward for managing your temperature in order to stay temperature neutral. But now, since it is much easier to be temperature neutral, we don’t need this to be present anymore.

We’ve also simplified the temperature debuffs you get while too cold or too hot, and it can be summarized as such:

  • Being hot will increase your thirst-rate and at Extremely Hot, you will start taking damage over time and have a Stamina-cost penalty on your actions
  • Being cold will increase your hunger-rate and at Extremely Cold, you will start taking damage over time and suffer the same Stamina-cost penalty on your actions

Progression rebalance

We have decided to normalize progression on all game modes. These changes not only come with a number change in server settings. Journey steps will now give less experience while kills and resource gathering events will give more than previously. This will become the new default on all official servers, and can be customized as usual for those of you running your own servers or playing in single-player/coop.

What does this mean in practical effects? Progression for PVE and PVE-C servers (and those running on default values) will see XP and resource gathering roughly doubled to what the previous default values were, while official PVP servers, who will now run these values as well, will progress at roughly half the speed than with the previous values.

Why are we doing this? We wanted to rebalance the leveling experience to encourage players to engage more with that world that was previously the case. Additionally, and right until now, we have run our official servers with different XP and gathering settings depending on the game mode. This created a few issues when taking game balance into consideration not only for events, but also for any new balance patch we would release. PVE and PVE-Conflict servers have been running a default rate, PVP servers had these settings multiplied by 4. This created an inconsistent gameplay experience and sometimes unintended gameplay loops when new content was introduced.

Combat and healing rebalance

We want to move our combat gameplay into a more visceral direction, where action and counter actions are visible both to you and your friends. For that effect, we are introducing a series of changes that will move our combat system towards that direction: Aloe Potions (potions) and Wraps (bandages) both now have animation requirements for their gameplay effects to trigger; potions now have a short animation before their effect is triggered and bandages have their effect applied continuously.

This is a pretty big change for Conan Exiles and we are eagerly awaiting your feedback on the system.

PVP settings overhaul

Base Raiding

We have added more granularity to the existing PvP server settings, this will allow server owners to more precisely configure what times and days PvP will be possible.

Before this update, PVP-enabled servers could time-restrict the confrontation period based on weekdays and weekends, choosing the time window during which players could engage in player versus player combat. This was also the case when deciding PVP building damage.

With the Isle of Siptah update, we will be expanding those options to allow customization based on each day of the week instead, allowing for PVP to have different time settings each day, even disabling it. This also extends to PVP building damage. Below you can take a look at these new settings, found under the General tab.


We have also added a new system called Dynamic Building Damage, which if enabled (server setting) allows player to damaged buildings while any of the owners (individual or clan) are online (even outside the scheduled raid times) and for a duration (server settings) after the last owner has logged off.


While these settings are completely customizable in private servers, on officials we will introduce the following changes:
For PVE and PVE-C Official PC servers, there will be no changes.

On official PvP servers, there will be no changes at launch. We will be investigating some issues that affect PVP mechanics and we’ll be working on fixing them in a future update. Once that happens, and based on telemetry from private servers who chose to enable these settings, we will be adjusting them on official servers.

We hope to have given you a comprehensive rundown of these changes coming both to the Exiled lands and to the Isle of Siptah. We’ll be more than happy to hear what you think of these upcoming changes in this feedback thread. We’ll also update the F.A.Q. below with any common questions you might have about these upcoming changes.

Stay safe!


When will these changes come into effect?

On PC, these changes will be available once the Isle of Siptah expansion Early Access and the free update release, on September 15th.
On consoles, these changes will be available once the Isle of Siptah content expansion releases.

Will these changes affect only the Isle of Siptah map?

No, these changes will come as part of the free update and will also apply to vanilla servers.

If I don't own the Isle of Siptah, will these changes affect me?

Yes, these changes are part of an update for the game and servers regardless of the expansion content.

Will these settings affect all platforms?

For now, these settings will only be active for the PC platform as they come bundled in the Isle of Siptah update. They will come at a later date on consoles once this update launches on consoles in early 2021.

I am a server owner, will the balance changes affect me and my server?

By default, yes. We’re introducing balance changes in the game that will alter your server’s progression (although not their values). You will need to readjust your server’s XP and resource gathering settings taking into account that after the Isle of Siptah, a value of 1 in each.

What are the setting names in ServerSettings.ini?

These are the new settings added to the ServerSettings.ini file:

PvPEnabled = true/false
RestrictPvPTime = true/false
PVPEnabledMonday = true/false
PVPEnabledTuesday = true/false
PVPEnabledWednesday = true/false
PVPEnabledThursday = true/false
PVPEnabledFriday = true/false
PVPEnabledSaturday = true/false
PVPEnabledSunday = true/false
PVPTimeMondayStart = 1800
PVPTimeTuesdayStart = 1800
PVPTimeWednesdayStart = 1800
PVPTimeThursdayStart = 1800
PVPTimeFridayStart = 1800
PVPTimeSaturdayStart = 1800
PVPTimeSundayStart = 2300
PVPTimeMondayEnd = 2300
PVPTimeTuesdayEnd = 2300
PVPTimeWednesdayEnd = 2300
PVPTimeThursdayEnd = 2300
PVPTimeFridayEnd = 2300
PVPTimeSaturdayEnd = 2300
PVPTimeSundayEnd = 2300
RestrictPvPBuildingDamageTime = true/false
PVPBuildingDamageEnabledMonday = true/false
PVPBuildingDamageEnabledTuesday = true/false
PVPBuildingDamageEnabledWednesday = true/false
PVPBuildingDamageEnabledThursday = true/false
PVPBuildingDamageEnabledFriday = true/false
PVPBuildingDamageEnabledSaturday = true/false
PVPBuildingDamageEnabledSunday = true/false
PVPBuildingDamageTimeMondayStart = 1800
PVPBuildingDamageTimeTuesdayStart = 1800
PVPBuildingDamageTimeWednesdayStart = 1800
PVPBuildingDamageTimeThursdayStart = 1800
PVPBuildingDamageTimeFridayStart = 1800
PVPBuildingDamageTimeSaturdayStart = 1800
PVPBuildingDamageTimeMondayEnd = 2300
PVPBuildingDamageTimeTuesdayEnd = 2300
PVPBuildingDamageTimeWednesdayEnd = 2300
PVPBuildingDamageTimeThursdayEnd = 2300
PVPBuildingDamageTimeFridayEnd = 2300
PVPBuildingDamageTimeSaturdayEnd = 2300
PVPBuildingDamageTimeSundayEnd = 2300
CanDamagePlayerOwnedStructures = true/false
CanDamagePlayerOwnedStructuresPeriod = 120

How will this affect official servers?

PVE and PVE-C Official server progression will be rebalanced to roughly double speed than prior to the update.
PVP Official progression will be rebalanced to roughly half speed than prior to the update.
PVE and PVE-C Official server settings for player versus player combat and raiding will see no changes.
On official PvP servers, there will be no changes at launch. We will be investigating some issues that affect PVP mechanics and we’ll be working on fixing them in a future update. Once that happens, and based on telemetry from private servers who chose to enable these settings, we will be adjusting them on official servers.

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