Temperature change

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE #1501
Region: NA

For several months, I have always worn the exact same armor:

  • God Eye (Heat +2)
  • War-dancer Chest (Heat +2)
  • Pride of Aesir Gauntlets (Cold +5)
  • Epic Flawless Kambujan Shaman Wrap (Cold +6)
  • Epic Flawless Turanian Mercenary Boots (Cold +6)

With this outfit, whenever I went to the Unnamed City, which do very often, I would reach Very Hot.

However, starting yesterday, I now consistently reach Extremely Hot in the Unnamed City. I tried various things like relogging or putting my outfit pieces on in a different order, but nothing fixes it, now I get Extremely Hot in the Unnamed City when I never used to.

I spawned in the exact same gear in a singleplayer game and just get Very Hot like I always used to, which seems to indicate something changed on the server.

The only thing I can think of that changed is it happened the same day the double exp/harvest event ended, though aside from that being a change to server settings, I have no idea how it might relate to overheating in the Unnamed City.

Agreed, you should need to wear heat protect armour.

How things “should” be from a logical standpoint are not relevant.

There is something wrong with the server as evidenced by history and singleplayer verification. My gear should only go up to Very Hot in the Unnamed City.

Seems like that proves my point then. I should not be Extremely Hot in the Unnamed City, only Very Hot.

I have gone to the Unnamed City hundreds of times with this gear. Until yesterday, I never went over over Very Hot. Now, suddenly, I am getting Extremely Hot everywhere in the Unnamed City.

I have ~2500 hours in this game, I am not so new that I don’t understand how food and water affects temperature.

the temperature system has been adjusted many times since it was introduced, this may be intended.

I am fairly certain that cold protect gear in the UC was not intended.

I also have my gear balanced perfectly for Unnamed City. There are one or two spots where I get too hot, but I just run through them. About once per week, I will get too hot all over Unnamed City. I never figured out why, maybe time of day, maybe teleporting from the Volcano to Unnamed City. I can say that this is not new to 2020.

Well, either Funcom silently fixed it, or it was just a random issue that decided it annoyed me enough. Either way, it is back to normal.

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