Temperature 'Resistance' on Gear

I think this has been suggested in the past but I would like to recommend reworking the way gear and temperature works. Instead of being like wearing ice packs or heating pads the gear should give resistance or at least not be worse than being naked.

There are at least two times this week my character had to strip down to the nude to avoid freezing to death. One of the times I was freezing to death swimming in the south river just because I was wearing hot weather gear. :frowning:

Gear should have a bit more dynamic resistance so that removing clothes is not the solution to prevent you from freezing to death (especially in the desert)


I have also proposed this before, as have others. So far, to no avail, unfortunately :confused: I hate that I am very limited in where I can go in my flawless epic Aquilonian infantry armor, because it has +10 heat resistance. Great for the volcano, ranging between “ok” and “disaster” anywhere else. Like you say, it makes absolutely no sense for virtually anything that you put on yourself to make you more prone to freezing over just being naked, and it´s not like this system adds much to my enjoyment of the game, either. It is nice to have some temperature system for sure, but this is a bit of an overkill that is simultaneously the opposite of “intuitive” or “logical”.

This is part of the reason why I like to mix n’ match to create a more unique look; it prevents me from freezing or burning up in more temperate areas.

One thing you can also try is to bring along a combat thrall and equip them with armors that are the opposite of what you’re wearing. For instance, if you like wearing Flawless Aquilonian, outfit your thrall with Flawless Khitan. If you use a similar dye scheme on both sets of armor, you can swap pieces with your thrall to maintain a comfortable body temperatue without looking like a freak.


Cotton will kill you in cold weather if it gets wet. People have died from hypothermia in the middle of summer because they were caught outside overnight in wet cotton clothing.

i would like to see them fix this as well, but an alt method to fix it would be to (minus the silent legion armor and fur armor) add 2 mod slots to all armor… 1 is used for all current mods (I.e. increased armor) these are only 1 per armor as it is now…

the 2nd mod slot would be for heat OR cold resistant mods to be added… (they can make the named BS / Armorer from the purges allow you to make ones that give 100% coverage mods)

this means you can have your fav armor set and have it as both cold AND hot versions of the armor.

Mrs, Mrs Jones goes to the frost temple 1-2 times a month.
After these patches we went up over the free weekend.
I froze to death.
Wearing the same gear, drinking and eating the same warms foods. (40str, 31 vit)
The DLC Imperial hvy gear I wore (and is still up there), cold weather armor.

We have just about everything you can have (no cold shield) yet died like a Leroy Jenkins

i also do this, along with having most of my in house (crafting area thralls) wear my different set ups and Armor i use. Makes it easier than searching thru chests, plus lets me keep up with armor if i am getting low. Works great if clan is disciplined as well. Weapons the same way. Kind of our living mannequins :slight_smile:

Another solution is to carry a light version of armor with weight reduction kit opposite of what temp you are planning on using. this allows a quick swap just in case you have to go to volcano or Far north. Atts may be affects, but you will survive the temp, with a minimal weight added to your inventory.

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Pretty sure people have died of hypothermia in all sorts of clothing if that clothing got wet and they were in a cold environment and didn´t take the clothes off. But we were mainly talking about dry clothes never really being bad for keeping warm.

Actually, things like wool and certain synthetic fibers still work very well when wet. That’s why they are still popular materials for outdoorsman.

Cotton and it’s derivatives not only lose all insulation value, they also hold onto that moisture, including sweat, cooling you down. That’s what makes it nice for warm environments, but potentially deadly in cold ones. You get wet and you’ll stay wet, even if it was your own sweat that did it, whereas other materials wick away moisture and dry off quicker.

That’s why it’s not so far fetched for warm weather armor in CE to work against you in the colder regions.

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Just to be clear, since I am reading over folks responses. I am not talking about how to work around the issue in game or even how realistic the materials are. I will keep it to my best example:

You can freeze to death in the noob river because wearing better gear is the equivalent of wearing an ice jacket. If I can swim naked and in any other armor without freezing to death but wearing the same armor of a better form causes me to die, it just breaks the immersion that I love about the game.

That’s all I am getting at with the suggestion. I don’t need full reality. Just the same gear (in a better version) to not kill me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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