Temple of the Gods Building Contest *NOW ENDED*

good news to hear about another contest!!!
i stand strongly against using mods to determine the winner so i will not participate at all in this contest (i am on pc) , but good luck to anyone who will take place and amaze us! (looking forward for the thread that will show us ALL entries!


It looks like my initial questions have already been fielded. Very interesting. And a great idea for a community event @Spynosaur_Nicole! There is a reason why I have never entered the previous building contests; I just dont have a good mind for the intricate and creative side of building, and sadly my structures all just end up as slightly different shaped rectangles.:confused: But…if I can pull together the free time, then I will give it a try. After all it is…

For CROM!! :mountain_snow: :metal:


I am fairly sure that in the past mods were no allowed in such building contest. I would honestly be surprised if they would be allowed in this one either.

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Actually @Spynosaur_Nicole I have another question. Do you want pictures of the temples interior, exterior, either or both?

copied straight from nicoles post!

p.s. ty for the responce , but its ok !!! not all contests r meant for all players ! :smiley:


That’s up to you!

And yes, mods are allowed for this contest since all platforms are being judged separately. We haven’t allowed them in previous contests since they were all judged together. So this is a bit experimental. :slight_smile:


I don’t play to win , i play to have fun . You know very well how relaxing and creative is to build in this game . You are right , this contest is not for all players , yet I believe we can give it a try . We are not architects , either artists , we are just gamers having fun :wink: . I know very well that once again I will see wonders in this contest , but I will never feel less , never , I play to have fun and this is all I wanna do . Every effort is inspirational and creative and that’s what I keep from these contests :wink: .

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i am glad u see it that way! i support the contest. for my own personall reason i do not like to particpate in a contest that also includes mods, so i will leave my place on others to enjoy!
i wait to see ur entry as well! :smiley:


Oh wow, I skipped down to the basic rules and passed right by that. Screw that then this is pointless and I won’t have anything to do with it either.

I really want to see your Crom temple! I immediately thought of you when they listed Crom as a choice

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You could still take part! If you point out you´re not using mods, i´m sure it will be recognized and can be amazing! This is about art, not sports! Everybody has his personal take about mods and will judge accordingly, i know i will. I want to see what mods can do, and also what not modded builds can do! This contest will have many winners, because creativity is a world, not a better/worse graph.


Guess I’ll have to build a temporary fence to stop the local dragons from praying at my temple of Ymir before I start taking screenshots.


I seen modders create amazing things from pixie jungles to Orc war tribes. I served on and seen vids of completely rebuilt maps and dungeons with new monsters and building structures.
There’s literally no limit to how beautiful this game can get to completely making a new game.

I do use mods but not for new structures manly for just better building and armour mods so even though I’m considering not competing I’m eager to see the battle that is about to happen.

I feel like there should be both a modded & unmodded category for PC… the difference in what you’re able to create with mods is staggering.

Also a little disappointed the rewards aren’t slightly conan themed, really, that snake should be a mini Set at the very least! :snake::grinning:


Correct . I play on consoles and maybe I shouldn’t have an opinion about it , yet , I believe that it is awesome that we will see moded efforts in this contest , after all moders made a great effort to create them and they diserve to participate to a building contest finally . I’ve seen some YouTube videos with mods and they are stunning . Yet no matter if mods have awesome building pieces , like you said the creativity is the goal , we’ve seen wonders all this time without mods , didn’t we :wink: ?

I wish there was. I love seeing what mods can do, but they make the contest a bit… uneven :slight_smile:


@CodeMage ,Hmmm , I guess we can start putting bets under the table for the pc winners , so

50 fragments that it ain’t going to be a mod winner .

I can see yours :rofl:

Question… it says must include a temple of in game religion but crom doesnt have a temple so I’m building one or do I actually have to stick a non-crom temple randomly in it?

By temple I think they just mean a building designed around the religion, so Crom is an option, although you’ll have to be more creative than the other religions because they have their own special alters and placeables to help with the theme