Temple of the Gods Building Contest *NOW ENDED*

I wan see. DM. :yum:



Me Gustaría que expliquen como valorar Capturas o Videos de PC Con Mods. vs Consola que no tienen Mods… :stuck_out_tongue: este concurso esta claro quien tiene 99.999% de ganar y quienes 0.0001%

Translated- I would like you to explain how to rate Screenshots or Videos from PC With Mods. vs Console that don’t have Mods… this contest is clear who has 99.999% to win and who 0.0001%

@jmsasuke ,from the post at the top…


So I’m unclear as to how and when images and videos are submitted. Is there a file size limit? Do I email a 5GB video at the time I submit my entry? Can I send multiple emails with attachments for the same temple? Do I just include links to these in the email???

Your submitting 1 image, which follows guide lines. (thou if you wanna share a few more, or video to show case. ) I don’t think they mind. They can use those later if it wins.

I do think sending in more info then require kinda has chance sway them, if there not ignoring other parts of entries.

Are there any age-related content restrictions? A couple of examples of what I’m asking about:

  • If I’m building a temple to Yog, is it okay to have display racks with severed limbs?
  • If I’m building a temple to Derketo, what level of nudity is okay?
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I think anything that follows rating of game would be all thats needed. (incase of nudity, which would cancel out bottom halfs for some regions)

Or you can always send in 2 of same picture, one with black bars and one without. XD


All that is fine since they’re featured in the base game. Just has to adhere to the terms of service and such. :slight_smile: But yeah exactly as Sera67 said.


Hi everyboby, my friends and I are having problems submitting our entry for the temple building contest.
The email we send to contest@funcom.com keeps getting rejected by the receiving server.
Can anyone help us? We think we followed all the rules and can’t understand why this is happening.
Thank you.

Bit Shapers.

UPDATE: we managed to send the email! A part of the text of uor email was getting rejected. I still don’t know why, but all good now.

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I’m having the same issue as BitShapers… my messages are being rejected.

Fixed, disregard please! :smiley:

Edit: used another email adress, gmail has some odd issues with formatting apparently. Managed to send it now.


Oh whaaaat, that’s so weird. Well, glad to hear it worked out for ya’ll.

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Hi, would it be okay to resubmit images in another e-mail and disregard the previous e-mail if I’ve made a mistake, as long as it’s before the deadline?

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That’s fine! If it’s before the deadline, and just be sure to mention in the new email that you want us to disregard the previous one.


Thank you so much for the response!

I look forward to seeing what everyone has made.


Speaking of which… Will there be an option to see all the entries? Or at least the most noticeable ones? I bet this will be a botomless source of inspiration.


Friends I have some unfortunate news. I have been utterly unable to complete my entry on time. As such, there will not be a submission from me. There are several reasons underpinning this failing, but by far the largest by was; I simply have not had the time. I would wager that some members may have heard me mention at times that I am extremely limited in the amount of time I get to play each week? Well I am affraid that was the primary reason at play here. Sorry for the let down friends. I did really want to contribute my own vision, but…yeah. Should by some chance I manage to finish something off in the coming timeframe before its drawn, I will upload the pics, no matter if I am not in contention.


Show us when it’s done! :smiley:

I haven’t had a lot of time to work on it either, my submission reflects that… it’s a small build and I expect most entries to be of the large and extravagant sort.

I’m curious to see which god received the most submissions, Derketo and Mitra seem dominant in the ones i’ve seen thus far.


I have created a topic in the Creative Corner section for people to showcase their creations, if they so choose.


Even if it’s not done by the time the winners are announced, I would still love to see your build, whenever you manage to finish it. Do it at your own pace and show it off when you’re ready. :heart:

I wanted to do Set, initially, because I play w/o mods and the game has a lot of awesome Setite placeables. But I just couldn’t get an inspiration for an innovative build and my brain kept coming up with ideas for Derketo, so I went with Derketo :smiley:


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