Temporary Changes to Del Rio Server

In the interest of full transparency I’m posting this information in as many places as possible in the hopes of reaching people on my server:

Starting 12/18/20 building/thrall decay will be activated with the timer on approximately 30 days, mostly to clean out the true inactive players. Decay will be deactivated again on 02/05/22.

Hopefully you guys see this or log on soon for the MotD announcement (should be posted by tonight).


To the Meat Muppets and DelRioBlackbeard,

The Red Suns have no interest in a war at this time, so no retribution will be taken for our stolen stuff (it was fairly looted anyways, and we took it back [you should probably fence up the side we climbed btw] so no real harm was done). If either of you are missing buildings, IT WASN’T US.