Terminal D corridor always hard pauses to load something everytime you go down there

During the Foulfellow and Gideon mission. When you get down into the Terminal D instance, pass the first green drone and get to where the hallway turns right. As soon as you are in the air jumping over the very first laser tripwire, the game just pauses for about 1.5 seconds. Hard stop. I thought my game crashed the first time. Nope, it’s just loading something I think. It does this every time you go down there. If you somehow die, it doesn’t do it again. If you exit the instance and reenter, it doesn’t do this. It only happens the first time you get there until you restart your client. Once you restart, it will happen again. Guaranteed. I’ll get a vid capture of it next time.


Video capture would be nice, but I have definitely seen exactly what you describe, including that if you die, leave, and come back it doesn’t happen again. Means a guarantee to fail the achievement unless you leave and come back. I got the achievement now so I don’t need to worry about it anymore, but first time it happened I was expecting the game to crash when it paused like that.

I had this happen while jumping over that laser but it didn’t cause me to fail the achievement - I just finished the jump once the game caught up.

Hm, I’ve landed on the laser each time now (had stopped playing last night while still in the instance, had the issue occur again this morning when it reset the tier), so not sure what I did differently.

I only occasionally land on the laser. Most of the time I’m fine as long as I take my hands off of the keys so I don’t keep running blindly forward into the next one.

Yeah, I have this same issue. It’s landed me on the laser every time, since it happens while I’m jumping.

Yep, my groupmate and I experienced that exact freezing/hitching of the game there, too.

Allow me to demonstrate:


That’s exactly it. I just recorded my clip. I guess I don’t need to post it now.

I had the same problem here, and it seemed to be that after the game caught up, i just got dropped down on the laser, really annoying if you’re trying to do the achievement.

Did you notice how the lighting in the hallways had darkened after I had crossed them the first time? It’s most evident when you compare the lightning at both 0:48 and 1:27.

I have it in the D4 room with second to last laser (where you stand under the camera at first)…frustrating…

That happens if you hit any of the lasers. If you don’t explode, it doesn’t get dark. Not sure if it’s a bug or intended.

Yeah I just jump pell-mell towards the boxes, I figure that’s what they’re there for right? Pauses mid air then I’m kissing them. I don’t know if its loading the zone or just force pairing with the client (at the worst possible time) to ensure safer jumps.

This used to happen a lot in the new SWL tutorial mission but they (at least I think they did), fixed it. Also at the first laser jump.

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Same, I do that with every laser - make sure when I jump, it’s toward something that’ll block me from running into any lasers if the game stutters or I lag. It helps that sneaking under the security camera is easier all the way over to the left.

Same here. Start the jump, hangs and land on the wire. So much for the achievement.

Coming back it did not do that, so ???

I’ve taken to jumping straight up right at that spot before the laser. When my character’s head gets high enough, the hang occurs, then I land safely and can jump after.


Same happened to me… my achievement blew out… even if i take off my hands!! I wonder if we exit the basement to the call center and get in again if resets the achievement…

It does reset. Same with the tunnels to the mansion.

Same problem, every time i go to jump that first laser the game freezes up for a second and I get blown up.