Terrible launch

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Game mode: Online | Singleplayer
Problem: Crash | Bug | Performance |
Region: [uk]
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let me start by by saying I love this game 150 hr on the pc,
now trying to play with a friends on the ps4,
cant buy game of the shelf (marketing problem) frame rate, npc stuck in doors, journey milestones not working in s co-op, arrow stuck in axe (day one problem) stamina run out when swinging, floating, but you can still swim with with no stamina , (don’t have a clue department problem)

watch the dav stream , pis & fart ps4 gameplay stutter (sorry that not fair, jump over the hurdles stutter)
it cant get worse? (I like it ,when the dav stream show us people, I like my tattoos too) that work for the community

where are they???, somebody talk to us can it get worse?
hold on ,hold on , can I rent a server pls sir ? available at soon ?? what the f…
what does that mean, available at soon??

Repro steps:

Somebody is not happy and I don’t think hes the only one.