Territory overlapping?!

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Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: US official PVE server 3883

I am having a serious issue with claimed territory overlapping from neighboring exiles. I am unable to finish building a wall as well as placing new items in the area I am building. This includes inside my own house!!! Any way this can get fixed??

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This has been happening to me since someone built right on the edge of my claimed area. If you shut the game down completely and reload it seems to fix it. Doesn’t work 100% of the time so may take a few tries.
With a map this size I don’t understand why people have to build on your doorstep. Must be lonely I guess.


Yeah lol, happened to me as well…built a base deep into the north, up in the mountains, really up.
A beautiful, lonely, snowy location…was so peaceful. After 2 days a guy decided to build a monster next to me (…).
Luckily enough the guy got tired of the game quickly and everything disappeard, leaving me with my beautiful snowy landscape again.
I don’t get it at all, but is a thing that many people need to be close to other people constantly or they feel bad (plenty of examples in real life)

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This overlap bug have been documented and acknowledged by the devs since day 1 (of early access).

They seem to fix only things that are pretty obvious and would provoke a riot in the community(like dupe bugs).
If not enough people complain (or riot) they won’t care and stuff it under the rag of “it’s on our bug list” and let the community manager/lead dev take the fall.

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I don’t play online so my opinion not so valid in this case, but honestly I do not blame someone to build close to another and even don’t find it wrong in game.

  1. building “a city” of many could be somehow interesting in a certain way (I don’t think game devs calculate something like that: purge would attack one but not other neighbours?) but the idea is not bad at all: just imagine create a city of “free people” that defends themselves in a civilizated way, just create another Sepermeru just for the talk (ok game would crash every 2 secs for the massive structure but I’m talking only about the idea).
  2. if you want solitude you could go and hunt down all those who wanna try to get “your land”, but there is no law or code in this, only the law of the strongest so your sword would be the only judge.

Clearly this discussion could fall into “constitutional rights” (non existent as I said in the game) but it’s an inside feature that could be interesting (if working).

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