Teslive preview



Just picked up few interesting improvements I saw on the Teslive and wanted to share you.

All those little improvements please me, I’m glad to see how the game progress. Keep the good work @Funcom

TestLive Patch Notes (03.07.2018)

great changes indeed, just wish they would make their way to consoles faster, but well cert…


Thanks for posting that!
I really needed some good news about this game.

Here, have some cake :cake: :sparkling_heart:


I think all of those where mentioned in TL patch notes except new armorer spawn in Sepermeru and debuff icons. Anyway, thanks for checking them up.:+1:

P.S. I wonder if we will see an influx in Derceto arch priest numbers since there is only one(?) Derceto priest spawn point, so players who have settled nearby will have real fast way to “rotate” spawn of this type of priest.

Flawless cimmerian and vanir epic?

Few new stuff I found today :


Whoosh… a massive 19% nerf to kingslayer damage. RIP.

The black dragon pike was nerfed too, down to 52 from 55 and with a 1% loss in pen.

The real issue will be the first heavy animation and how it works in practice. What do you think of it?

The risk is that the defensive fighting capabilities of pikes will be lost if your erstwhile short heavy attack move now thrusts you into the fray. Pikes might well be consigned to the compost heap if that’s the case. At least with respect to what I used them for.

It was a bit daft that the optimum way to fight was to use a pike and consciously not use combos, but I really hate losing control of my character while a long attack animation plays out or being unable to fight from my chosen position due to being launched all over the map when I attack.


It works like the sword first heavy animation but faster and not so far. Looks like an assault weapon now, I guess it’s would be better for pvp.


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