Test Build, Hanging Base - The Breach

I had an idea. Not exactly as planned, but I am pleased, thus far.

PVE - Barbaric Mode - No Mods - Standard play

Comment welcome.


1st Level - Crafting

2nd Level - Transport and Education

3td Level - Residence and Temple


A nice base design, so thank you for posting.
You may have some fun and games should there be a Purge though, so keep that in mind. Purges can spawn inside/on top of bases if there’s no clear access to a base. Also, if a Purge knocks out a strategic support or two, the whole base may be compromised.
You may also want to move/report this post to Share your Shelter - #1244 by Azazane so others can share in the design?
Thanks for posting! :ok_hand:


You just killed me softly…
Omg… One day!

Beautiful effort :+1:t6:


Very cool, but you know what it reminds me of? A locust husk… like, it’s fall and it just decided that was where it was going to split its back…

But very cool yes. I do like seeing Turanian stuff in builds too.

Edit: Is that not Turanian? From a distance on the screen it looks like it, but I guess its not.


I’ve never been comfortable with building like that. The closest I’ve been willing to do is a hanging bridge in a cave… but its incredibly tedious in normal building.

Even in PVE it feels vulnerable. Though I might have to figure something in another build. It is interesting to say the least.


Nope it’s T1 stuff…but the sandstone fence on the flotsam wall…I didn’t know that was possible. I know about the fence-doorway trick but didn’t think you could do it with full walls…now I’m very intrigued.


I had to see it closer too. From the distance the shell looks Turanian. So it was a great surprise for me too when i find out that flotsam pillars and fences shares the Turanian looks from distance! Then these new interior walls look gold from distance, so it’s easy to be confused!
Many times said, this dlc with the frontier are the most used from me. The less used on the building aspect is the Khitan and Yamatai!
I don’t believe that’s fair to say which is the best dlc, i cannot find better or worst for several reasons, so no matter how much i have used the dlcs, i am really happy to have them and each one will always have an item that will make me use it!
Vanilla for builds is good enough!

It’s the new interior wall from the new sandstone set :wink:. The sandstone set was expensive and not complete, but the pieces are unique indeed!