Test-Live Solo-Player - Cannot assign Attribute Points

I restarted my Solo-Player game.

I do not have any mods installed.

I tried to assign attribute points. I makes a sound like it is being assigned, but they are not going into the attribute.

I am on the Broken Highway, near where you pick up the waterskin.

Try to exit game completely and start again.

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I cannot remember if I only went to the Main Screen or Exit the Game, but one of them did not work. Since the character was under level 10, I created a new character a few hours later after closing the program.

It is working for the new character.

I am playing a new character in solo-player as if I never played the game.

I am only completing Journey Tasks that are revealed instead of just running through everything that I know.

I am loving the new stuff that has been added since the most recent update.

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