Test live SP not utilising gpu!

Yea my fps is very bad in test live SP. 5-10 fps.I use the Radeon tool to check gpu usage and it goes from 0% to 14% …mostly on 0%
Amd 1800x 4ghz cpu
Vega 64 air sapphire 8gb gpu
16 gb memory 3000mhz
Windows 10 64 bit
Game works and utilizes gpu great on test live servers ,normal SP and normal servers…all drivers are up to date…reinstalling steam/CE as we speak…will update…Anyone else have these issues?
EDIT…working great now! So far lol…odd.

That’s why I use NVidia cards.

To be fair,there are people having issues with nvidia cards too…game is working great now that i uninstalled steam/CE and reinstalled…so it was a CE issue,not an AMD issue.