Test your mettle, you mangy curs!

Hey all!

Join a friendly group of players on: Official Savage Realms Monthly Magazine server.

Our server is sponsored by Savage Realms Monthly magazine so we won’t be disappearing any time soon. It is a PVP-C server with 2x gather on the weekends. We are all friendly players, willing to help, or let you solo. We are mostly girls, so it’s female friendly and we’d like to keep it that way. We keep a very small mod list so that the game still runs well and loads fast. We have 10 slots and our sponsor will gladly open more if we need it.

Hope to see you in the Exiled Realms!

Server: Official Savage Realms Monthly Magazine Server PVP-C
Map: Exiled Lands
Devious Desires (don’t judge me! ;p)
Less building replacement restrictions
Savage Steel