Testers needed for Dawn of Nameless Days: Difficulty Overhaul mod

Find the game too easy with a thrall? Find the game too easy in general? I have gone through most npcs in the game and have revamped them changing their properties, stats, abilities, even added some new attacks, priority, and mechanics.

Animals/Monsters no longer get stunned when you hit them and are more responsive.

Difficulty is balanced around having a thrall with you, but can be done solo still.

The bigger the creature is, the harder it is to take down now.

Dregs and Witch Queen Dungeons revamped as lvl 60 content (No new loot yet, so may need to add with pippi)

All vaults revamped to be very challenging content.

Shields have been rebalanced (no more blocking huge hits from large enemies.)

Maelstrom creatures are truly terrifying and you will need to be well prepared to face them.

And more!

Compatible with EEWA. Possibly with AoC.

In the future a test server will be live but for now, I’d love it for anyone to try it out, write feedback, let me know how everything feels. Put it on your server, singleplayer, any data is helpful!


Not to skip over the other great stuff in your mod, but RP rules the day for me. I’ll rarely pull a shield with an impossibly big opponent. :+1:t2:

Animals/Monsters no longer get stunned when you hit them and are more responsive.

Does that mean they won’t get staggered? If so, I think is a bit too drastic, with some weapons it may be impossible to hit, ramping up difficulty is good idea but that MAY be too extreme but that’s just my thought.

Thanks for the response! Yes, Animals no longer get staggered, it is intended to be a higher difficulty mod. Try it out and let me know your feedback and what weapon you had trouble with :slight_smile: