TESTING TRANSFERS (Original title : Volunteer with siptah DLC)

Hi i would like to perform some transfering tests from ios to El and vice versa. I would like a volunteer that will be the transporter. He will need to be willing to create characters in servers i will indicate him.

Ofc i am willing to do the same for him if he needs tranfering items. Whoever is interested plz DM me

The testing will be on pve only.
Thanx in advance


If it was on Playstation you wouldn’t have to finish the sentences of this post, I would be already on your server :joy::joy:.
Damn I have to buy a new pc.


Well, when u aquire a new pc ubr the most welcome!!!


I am at work atm but will send u the details of where and when to join in DM


I can deal with the timeframe. Want me to come over ur server 1st?

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Please add the testing results to this thread please. Many of us are very interested.


will do .


ok guys !

1st transfer done.

i hoped in @Palm522 server, got to level 26 and he crafted me a good set of gear and gave me some stuff.
1st attempt was fail as i had more than 1 thrall with me (and probably some of the trhalls blocked the transfer).

i kept only idra sparkeyes on me and the gear u see in the pics)!

my attributes looked like this

and my feats looked like this

i pressed esc and selected server transfer. a popup window appeared that warned me about the irreversibility of this action, and then a safety window that required from my side to type the word TRANSFER in caps in order to confirm the transfer (very good step as this will avoid non wanted transfers)

the game then took me to the normal screen where it detects the servers and i selected the required server and pressed join (like i would normally enter any server) -no need to say that i had no character there. in the character creation screen i got this additional button that was about character import

i pressed import character and then IMPORT.
character transferred normally NO feats were lost (not even dredger which i purposely got before the transfer)

and also attributes , gear and all of the things i had in inventory were all there.

so all went well. i interacted with NOTHING at all , and went straight to empty my inventory.

take not in the chat which is a big detail , the game did not let me choose the beach i would like to spawn in. so would be nice from devs under which criteria this happened (i spawned at the beach at o7).

i logged out and then logged back in and purposely laid a bed roll and removed bracelet. i retrieved my body with nothing lost (all stuff on my were crafted in EL ) and NO feats lost during this process.

and that was the experience from EL to IOS.

only thing that troubled us and needs more testing is what caused the game to stop my transfer when i have more than one thrall (artisan one) on me.

more testing will be done in time. so all post here plz what will happen to each.

BONUS INFO the thralls u transfer keep their original EL outfits (nice info for the legacy benched ones)

here u see idra sparkeyes with the original black galleon outfit she was used to spawn in! :smiley:


Thanks for the detail guys! I look forward to further tests from you two. Maybe @Community has an idea of why first transfer didn’t work (I’m hoping it wasn’t really the number of crafting thralls) or why you couldn’t select the beach spawn location?

@Palm522, it would also be nice to hear if there were any buildings that went into abandon.


My big question is was Ragnaguard clanned up when he transferred? If not could you do a test where a non clan leader in a clan transfers, then transfers back? I know this is a 24 hour cooldown process. Thank you


Yeah, my question about building decay was under the assumption that they ‘clanned up,’ but they never stated that.

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Thanks for doing this guys! Useful info! I’m willing to help if needed too.


I am running my own AND my boyfriends account, since he is deployed (again, sigh). Since I am clan leader, I wanted to use his account to xfer to Siptah and collect things, but I do not want him to get kicked from our clan when he does.
I also am afraid of losing our bases and thralls, due to some Funcom glitch and would like to see more tests.

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Hopefully if @TeleTesselator also joins up we can test a clan transfer to see side effects… @Halk is also in my main pve server so they could maybe form a clan and check this option too. Will login in a couple of mins and check there also


i can hop in ur server , clan me up with ur bf account (with him being a leader) in a different clan than ur main , … all u need is build a little shed and "sacrifice there a couple of stuff for making it look like a base (u know some chests and maybe some old benches u may have). i can take part in transfering the items from server to server and then u can observe what happens in the clan that is left behind…) what say u?

ofc that includes sharing the knowledge here


PM’d you too… Guess Japan is too far? :frowning:

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pm 'ed u back! lets outsmart the ping



I think I have received the answer I was looking for from another thread. You lose your clan when you transfer. This makes the transfer utility a complete waste of time IMO.
Again, Funcom advertised IOS as an “expansion” which was a complete lie. I was hoping that the server transfer would negate that lie, but I was wrong.
I can only say their desperate greed has ruined what could have been a solution to their lie.

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i could hop then and help u with the transfer. i need no clan to transfer stuff


Hold that thought, I may need you to join my clan and help my BFs account get back in in the near future. I completely trust you and if you would be so kind to do this in the near future I would appreciate it.