Testlive (21.12.2018) - Admin override ServerPurgeSettings


i found a bug on my Dedicated Server.
i changed in the ServerSettings.ini -> ClanPurgeTrigger=2500.000000 -> Works fine! but…
when i get into AdminMode this setting gets override by 2.000000

if i set this with the AdminCommand -> SetServerSetting “ClanPurgeTrigger” 2500
it works but when i go inGame Settings as Admin it gets again override by 2

Maybe you could change the PurgeSlider in the Settings.

  • if i set the Slider to 870.371 -> after reopening the Settings it says -> 870
  • but when i set it to 1.250.000 -> after reopening it says -> 1.250.000
  • so we can set it to under 1k or over 1 Milion

I changed mine from the 42000 it was, to 30000 just now and it is holding that value. I just used the slider in normal server settings gui. Any mods that tie into purges?

Note how you used a dot, seperating the 4th number from the first 3. A dot is used to seperate the first 3 digits from the decimal numbers. Saying “1.250.000” means you set it to 1,250000 (not sure why it was still output in the settings as 1.250.000 though, in theory it should trash the second dot if there is already a dot seperating the 7th number from the decimal numbers)

@sirvink No, there is no mods that tie in to the purge iirc.

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