TestLive 3.0 - Bugs/Issues (deleted post)

This is me meeting the character requirement to delete this post.

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This is only an issue in creative mode because that mod unlocks all recipes. I am saying because I got confused as well.

Title says bugs/issues, but all you got are suggestions with no valid argument. Bad post.

Yes, 2 tomes is a bug that should be fixed in the next update. I didn’t make it in time for the release.

You don’t see all tomes though as you do in creative though.

When you have a bug to report, it’s easier for Funcom to take notice if you follow their guideline.

Make sure to use the right template and provide as many details as possible.
If you have suggestions, please post in the right section or at least mark your post title as “suggestions”.

Have a happy and productive day.

You had some good suggestions though, you could have just changed the titles to feedback