TestLive EU2 PVE-C connection issiues related to location?

Two of our clan members disconnected from the server while in the area near the coast in the green area.
even after 24 hours, they didn’t manage to get in.

They asked me to go there and kill them, so I went there as well.
As soon as I saw them I tried to kill them and got disconnected.

I can’t get in anymore.
So the entire clan (let’s be geeks) is locked in that area and we can’t test anymore

Can anyone have a look and maybe reboot the server?


Might be relevant, 2 people out of 3 got disconnected while swimming, the 3rd was close to the water.

Eep, I wonder if something is wrong with that specific spot (I mean logic dictates and all of that). Funcom typically takes the weekend off, but I’m sure once they return to normal working hours they’ll see your post here.

Thank you for your continued bug testing though, I’ve enjoyed your reports.

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