Testlive Event: Call to arms


Negatory. I don’t think the keys will be sent till the next DLC pack arrives.


In the last community stream Jens Erik said, that they are sending keys but have to look at every submitted player. Since there were several hundred they need some time.

I don’t think the keys are related to any specific DLC. For example, if someone hasn’t Aquelonian DLC yet, he can get it with a key.


The most complete answer is the above from Ryu, plus that this is also the case for future dlc.

They will be sent out very shortly.


I think you are correct, but mostly because I have both DLCs. From a marketing standpoint it would squander a bit of goodwill if we have the keys but nothing to buy. :nicowl:


you could perfectly have your redemption ticket in your emial, and use it when the new content arrives. that is what i thought i would happen, as for myself i also got both DLCs, so there is no hurry, others that dont have any or missing one, well if i was in those shoes i would like to have it ASAP XD…


Actually enthusiastically agree sooner is better. I just think @Jens_Erik is going to make us take some castor oil with our candy. (Oh Lord I hope it’s Nord DLC.)


Hmmm… Well there’s so much Stygian stuff already in the base game, so that wouldn’t make sense, and there’s a considerable amount of Cimmerian too. They spoke of Pict in the livestream as though it is still under consideration, so that’s narrowing it down. My guesses would be Nordic, Hyperborian or Darfari. The Aquilonian was a dream come true, so I doubt anything could top that for me, lol.


Im expecting a pet themed DLC honestly


We have a West DLC (Aquilonean), an East DLC (Khitan), now a South DLC (Stygian) and a North DLC (Cimmerian) is missing. It also could be a DLC with alternative T1/T2 material for the diferent biomes or with placeables for daily living. :innocent:


Oooh, I likes the idea of different t1 and t2. That would definitely make the early leveling more diverse.


I would love to see new variations on T1 and T2 materials. Right now I think there are some mods that do it but official things would be fantastic!


Actually there are 3 Mods, which take care for the design of T1 and T2 Material. Limestone Buildings by Multigun which adds a white Greek Limestone variation to the T1-T3 South Building tiles, Conan Empire by ShadowCMD, which adds 9 different colors to all tiers to choose on (the mod is modular) and Warror Mutator by WarriorJ which adds a new T1 wooden design to the north.


Just to confirm:

We haven’t sent out the emails for the previous Call to Arms Event. You guys did an amazing job with helping us find issues during the Event.

You can choose which of the existing DLCs you’d like and also hold back to use your slot for future DLCs.


I just received an email asking what key I would like, thank you Funcom!


Just now received my key!


Received a key. Many thanks Funcom!


I got the email for my key, no key yet but I imagine its on the way


I didn’t get a key because I was testing off official server, different mode, or solo/co-op.


For everyone who tested knowing they would not receive a key: Good Job and Thank you.

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