Testlive experience with the thrall AI

A very welcome improvement, kudos. All testing was done in singleplayer.

The thrills:

  • The thrall I used (Dalinsia) goes into agro almost immediately, dramatically improving the delay, more than acceptable.
  • Thrall will continue the fighting performance with a weapon swap: bow and arrow, two-handed, one-handed and truncheon. Woot ! This was tested in the mounds, a no-build zone and not placed on guard. Weapon swaps were tested both in and out of combat.
  • I found no instances of disinterest, passive-aggressive posture when I was in combat.

On the list?:

  • Dal continued to fight dead enemies. To be fair, there were underground wights in the area tested, but she was slow to respond when they popped up and I was in combat.
  • She still does the moonwalk, but transitions to agro quickly.
  • Catching up with me when I climbed a mound was still quite slow, 5+ seconds?

Very well done, team !




Gotta appreciate enthusiasm !



Thanks for the feedback @Jim1. We’ll ask thralls to stop beating dead horses or other enemies.


Everyone should learn that :crazy_face:


My thrall also continued to fight dead enemies as if there was something under the ground in front of him, we were at that little camp just around the corner from the hyenas across from Sinners Refuge. He killed a hyena then got lost in hitting the ground.

He seemed to have his head down as if watching the ground as he was swinging, did this for a couple of minutes then he did aggro on the two npcs sitting at the fire even though he could not see either of them from his position and was off to the races again.

I am on a Single Player server in case that matters.

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