Testlive Fatal error

Fatal error: (file:c:UE4\Csand\engine\source\runtime\coreUobject\private\serialization\asynclouding.cpp] [line: 3386]
Could not find superstruct actionrotationdo to create actionrotationdo

can’t get past UE Logo be for getting this error

I had to unsubscribe from the mods i had on previously to get past the log in, had the same error.

However, now I’m getting a fatal error and crashing every time i go north by the Sharptooth Passage (where you get the Cimmerian dance).

There are currently a few known locations in the testlive build that are causing server and client crashes when a player enters the area. I don’t think they’re going to be patching this issue until the beginning of next week.

Mine also was do to mods forgot to remove mods be for opt in to testlive and had not went north yet will check out the Sharptooth Passage soon.

Yeah, most of the problems being reported seem to be from Mammoths coming into sight, with a few other areas also showing issues. I’m glad they updated testlive for us to preview some of the changes, and to get hundreds of more eyes on the build to find bugs, so that when launch does come, they have most of the bugs ironed out.