Testlive Feedback - Nice

Yea but at lvl 60 you can easily max 3 attributes, or get a bunch of em up real high.

Regardless, your thralls will be meaty, you will be meaty.

And you don’t have to “twink” for attributes anymore so you can focus more on items with special abilities like Karmic. That, or you can equip old style stuff and enjoy the damage/hp boosts like always.

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I am aware, this is why I said to you guys to test authority before judging the nerf of the thralls as followers.

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Basically this. At least for now.

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Teimos is on par with other Black Hand tier 4’s which is where he should be. He was always broken (he was using Cimmerian/Forgotten Tribe leveling modifiers).

I’m curious to know whether he still levels fast though. That was always a great bonus to Teimos, you could max one out in half the time it took to get a relic hunter to 20.

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Found a bug…it only lets you put fighters in the resurrection ground to make zombies. That would greatly limit availability since half the thralls we encounter are bench ones

Intentional. There is no zombie woodworkers for a reason. The zombies risen have their base stats on what they were in life

The passive health regen perk is broken too, the zombies regain the same amount of 1hp per second whether we take the perk or not. So steer clear of that one for now


any idea of what is this, why is even here
and why i can make a tower of bombs with it?


I just tested the melee modifiers on snowhunter, teimos, RHTS, Votaries and Berserkers. They’re all around 1-1.22 now. I boosted a few in admin mode and the RHTS had a higher health than the Snowhunter even though the RHTS had about half the vitality (RHTS was 38, SH was 71)


My melee modifiers were wrong as some had food buffs.

Corrected as follows:

Berserker 1.12
RHTS 1.118
SH 1.118
Votaries 1.118
Lian 0.97
Teimos 0.728
Claw 0.72
Exile t4 0.65

Performer (Lianele) 0.8

the abyssal armor is extremely broken.
light armor, 1000 armor, no weight, many bonuses, and most importantly, extremely cheap.

its even more broken than siptah gear. i have no reason to craft epic armors.

the hammer is also broken and can be produced in mass and hits more than legendary weapons.

in general crafted weapons are far superior than legendary ones. but this one seems to be cheap
and doesn’t matter that it only last 1 hour, you just mass produce them and call it a day.

The nerf to drawbridge is reeeally good and is a welcomed and much needed change.
same with gateframes.
The buff to T2 is nice but it is still not worth it because t3 is super cheap.

the summoned horse is JOKE, 600 hp at lvl 20 but at least it can be summoned instantly and not wait 9 hours.

The lighting storm and earquake to farm resources are really nice.

the flying bat is a bad idea even if it only last 20 seconds. it opens the way to meshers and exploiters.
same with ice bridges.

The lava wall needs a buff, should make more damage and be taller because i can easily climb it.
i love the darkness spell.
i like the TP system but you should not be able to dismantle it after you use it to prevent being chased.

the way to get sorcerer recipes are inconsistent and a mess for no real reason.

while i kinda like the building system overhaul, i still think there should be a way to keybind your favorite or relevant buildings that you are using.

removing the TAB and changing it to open your inventory is a BAD idea.
you should not have a hammer to see information of the building you are looking for, if for example you wanna see how much HP a ceilling has and you cannot climb it until is broken, how you would do it?.

The corrupted 4th perk of followers, the one where you summon demons i kinda like the idea the encourage the player participating and not afking is still kinda useless and need a buff, is not worth it currently.
if a thrall is rare their force should be equivalent to how much rare or difficult to get them is.

Teimos is still too strong because is super easy to get still. Why is a teimos with a 75 % chance of spawn stronger than a dalinsa than only has 4 %?.

i am still testing but i have the impression is that most follower and summoned creatures are useless.
later when i finish i will try to make a post explaining point by point my perspective as a pvp player.

Btw i really like the new fire animation.
And while i like the nerf to drawbridge
and the nerf to thralls in general you are making raiding and offiline raiding far more easier.

The nerf to the drawbridge is a step in the right direction, this will leave keyhole bases,SPECIALLY the dam in a more acceptable place.
but also keep in mind that thralls are now even a less factor in base defense.
maybe you guys could buff the HP of other T3 pieces, add a T4 or nerf the damage of the bombs.

But currently this will make the life of the defender more harder.
i hope you can find a way to have bases that can be defended and not be destroyed in 5 minutes without making spots like the dam extremely broken like they were.

i am an offline raider and i support this nerf.
Ty funcom.

Purge thralls still need a buff even if currently they are a little better than teimos,but they are far less farmable, so at least it will give the purge some value. Currently we always avoid purge. we don’t care about it.


On the brightside, performers might make a viable follower to bring along. :joy:

0.8 is still better than Teimos though :sweat_smile:


But that makes erjoh the Lord of Styx unhappy because he has to rely on the living to craft fine wares. So come sail away fellow renegade, on my boat on the river… :pensive: I got too much time on my hands.

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I like them, I just give them special daggers, and the DoTs make up for the lack of sheer power.

But one thing I don’t understand: why do named fighter followers have less than 1x damage multiplier?
Even if they got 2x damage output from skills/perks at the end, the damage they deal with a specific weapon will be less than 2x of the base damage of that weapon.

Like… you are better off using the weapon yourself, and have a follower as a moving container.

Didn’t see this thread till now I’m new to the forums. I’d just like to say I think thrall nerf has gone a little to far. Having thralls are a very unique ability that many games don’t offer and they continue to make them worse and worse. Just take them out if that’s the direction you are going because at this point they are becoming useless. I play pvp and usually solo or duo. When larger clans should raid us we could grab a stronger healthy thrall and try to defend. Now I think that has gone out the door unfortunately. Now I will spend hours leveling a thrall and instead of having it live for 5-10 minutes I’ll be lucky to have it live for 2 minutes. Teimos had to much health yes but just over 2k now?? Why do we have to nerf things into the dirt. So now I have to sacrifice attribute points to be able to have a extra thousand points of health for my thrall. Seems useless in my opinion and once again making offline raiding even easier

All the pictures of thralls here have the best perks when upgraded which unless they change the rng is not realistic

They added a potion you can use to reroll thralls perks. So… craft a bunch of potions and reroll until you are happy.

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Hmmm… about that…
Could anyone test if that potion is somehow usable on pets or horses? :smiley: I always get the dodgy perks on my horses and pets lol

Which will be abused once people figure out which thrall is the best. Pvp already is a crap shoot when it comes to defending and now it’s even worse. the complaints I’ve seem about thralls come from people who play private severs and I’m pretty sure there is a setting to nerf thrall damage anyways. This doesn’t fix anything it just makes it worse

I think you’re getting a bit ahead of yourself there, no? :smiley:
What I mean is that the sorcery update will completely knock pvp off balance… and it will need time to be rebalanced and stabalized…
Think of it this way… there are 100 more pressing matters to worry about when it comes to PvP than the health-pool of thralls… like for example when someone raids you with an army of zombies each of which has twice the stats of most thralls :smiley: or you using that and other spells to defend