Testlive - Hoarfrost Hatchet not collecting Iceshards

Playing Testlive Single Player, gathered over 3000 wood via Hoarfrost Hatchet and not one single Iceshard. I was by the Sentinals near the beginning, can I only collect them in the colder areas now, or is this a bug?

As far as I can tell, on current testlive all religion item collection is disabled. I assume this is a bug.

Lingering essence for Mitra is colectible. I don’t know about the others.

To get ice shards on Testlive you need to chop dead people with the hoarfrost hatchet.

I haven’t been able to get essence with the Ankh or hearts with the Set Dagger in the test live build, even after expending those items durability on multiple npc camps in the desert.

Does this mean there’s been no god use on TestLive this last month? I’ve played some but haven’t witnessed anything like that. Haven’t seen any T3 altars either, which this might explain.

There has been god usage, with people crafting like 600 set knifes to be able to summon, the grind just got real. :smiley:


My Hoar Frost Hatchet is not collecting Ice Shards.I play on ps4

The hoarfrost hatchet hasn’t collected ice shards from trees in a long time, any wiki or info page that says they do likely hasn’t been updated since 2017.

They come from human corpses now, like the other religions.

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this is the correct now, not trees anymore