Testlive Hotfix (13.02.2019) - Crash fix

Hey guys, we have a very quick Testlive patch for you to add some needed extra changes. These will be added to the live build later on with the rest of the Testlive builds.


  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t see something being built while in avatar form
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a single-player game to crash when placing pets


Glad to hear about the hotfix, but I thought a message was supposed to be sent to players in the server? I did not see this post until after I was booted from the server while capturing Hyam Hammerhand.

We wanted to get this out quickly this morning and therefore didn’t send the message.

No problem. I just wanted to make sure that there was not a problem with the messages.

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Does this not require an update to the testlive client? not seeing any update.

I guess not as it let me connect and login to testlive_US3_PVE. I am still concerned about all of these loss of stability messages in my event log every time this server is started. Hopefully we don’t lose everything when this goes to live today or tomorrow.

If you had Steam running in the background on your PC the client most likely updated automatically when we patched earlier this morning.

Are your building pieces disappearing or being destroyed, since you’re getting loss of stability messages?

No, nothing is being lost or destroyed anymore. When this patch first hit testlive there was a bunch of stuff lost. But the next update seemed to have fixed that. Just still seeing the loss of stability messages every time the server is started. I have posted about it a few times including screen shots, in the hopes that each new updated will fix it but no such luck. Just concerning since the live servers are that much more populated with 5x more buildings and such. Oh well, guess we will find out.

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so I guess this means no live patch this week again… and we are left with the bugs in live for long eh? What is it now 1/4 of year to release a patch to fix major bugs with only a few hot fixes for catastrophic issues that shouldn’t exist in the first place?

I’m out. I can’t play a game like this any more. The bugs are idiotic. The game is broken on a fundamental level if you can’t even release a patch without having so many bugs it takes 4 weeks of bug fixes to make the patch to fix bugs work better than the buggy mess that live is.

I truly love this game 700+ hours the most I’ve place any game outside of WoW since I was a teenager most likely. But the bugs are just horrible. Funcom is likely one of the best game design studios in the world today… but just mediocre in making them. So I’m out…

I’m not doing this to be convinced or because I’m whining… but simply as a reminder that player Churn is bad for a game like this. You got my money from EA. I’ve got loads out of the game. Easily got my monies worth. You could have got more out of me though. I know this won’t make a difference but as I say I’m out.

Good luck.

Verify the Integrity of Game Files. It will launch the update and then you will be able to see the servers.

I had the same issue this morning.

Thanks. I guess it did update over night, but was just odd since I didn’t see it in the completed downloads either.

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Update feels good, did a fairly long play through, it ran smooth for me.

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We have a new hotfix out for Testlive:

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