Testlive Isle of Siptah America and European Down for over a week

Does anyone know if it’s coming back.I guess im gonna loose my base.Would be polite if someone at Funcom could advise.Just want to know so I can wait or move on.

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I put in a Zendesk ticket for this and can confirm Testlive shows active, but is not reachable.


Thanks I put in a ticket 10 days ago.It takes them months to reply.
Thanks for your help

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Still down, will, most likely, lose everything for the 4th time.

I get it, it’s Testlive, but, perhaps, just schedule a 90 day wipe rather than effectively have a 90 day wipe due to server unavailability.

If, like last time, it becomes available prior to thrall decay, at least I had the foresight to pack my thralls with supplies and crafter thralls.

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