TESTLIVE: Known Issues

Hello everyone, these are the known issues for the build on Testlive the weekend of November 6th-9th 2020.

  • When queueing in the Group Finder for an Onslaught wave that not everyone in the group has unlocked, there is no feedback. This includes when queuing for multiple waves.
    • Workaround: Check with your team members to see the highest wave they have unlocked, and only queue for that wave.
  • Audio and FX are not finalized - Many abilities are missing Audio, and FX needs to be updated in many cases.
  • Some Special-class enemies have not yet been updated with new spells appropriate for Skull Gate Pass. Mechanically the new spells will function very similar to, if not identical to the current spells.
  • Skull Gate Pass’s quests do not have area names in the quest book.
  • It is rarely possible for the dialog in Skull Gate Pass to become stuck active
    • Typically, pressing Escape should close out the dialog and allow you to continue playing.
  • The help book has not been updated with information specific to Skull Gate Pass… yet.
  • Hyperborean Relics may not be distributed correctly under some circumstances.

Please post feedback as new topics in this forum. Thank you, and good luck!