Testlive open to all?

I ask this because I’m not able to get it to run yet. Each time I start Testlive, I’m met with THIS error during the cut-scenes:

2020-09-11 11_30_57-Window

After that, the screen just goes blank and task manager shows the client is not responding.

I’ve validated the files and revalidated them again, the only thing it catches is my ini fix to stop the cut scenes. (Can we stop the cutscenes already? Please?) Then I restart and it gives me the same error and blank screen after it plays the cutscenes… again.

So my only thought is that the Test Live is not yet available to the general players until they can buy the Early Access?

I’m going to uninstall and reinstall and hope it works. Wish me luck.

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No testelive is the same as aways, when you dont have DLC, you cant access that content like on live.
I just changed to testlive, will try starting it soon, but your issue is with game install, or maybe they changed something.
Do you have AMD video card or proccessor? Cause they mentioned a fix for AMD systems playing the cutscene, lets hope this bug is not because of this, my system has AMD video card and proccessor.

I have been having nothing but ISSUES with trying to get the new Test-Live Update installed.

I have always been a supporter of Funcom, but I am starting to lose faith.

Even on my LIVE client I cannot access the MODS at the startup screen for my SP game.

I have spent over 8 hours trying to get it worked out.

I got the same error, verification didn’t help. So I uninstalled testlive and install again, then it worked.

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Unfortunately, I was forced to UNINSTALL everything to move it to another drive, but the LIVE client did not like it. After moving other games off of the C drive, I am now reinstalling everything for the third time today. GRRRRR

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I just tested it, and nothing wrong happened on my end, it seens at least it’s not the fix for AMD that give this error.
But it’s a big update, it’s not surprising issues are happening.

Big update? More like a complete reinstall of the test-live client at 60GB.

Yes, it took so much time after download for steam to install, that it must have deleted it all and copied the new.

Yeah, I ended up having to reinstall, and then it worked! However, as mentioned in the replies above, since I don’t have the Expansion yet, I got the following:

2020-09-11 14_17_41-ConanSandbox (64-bit, PCD3D_SM5)

Unfortunately, the Early Access sale doesn’t seem to have started yet, so I’ll just have to wait until Tuesday, I guess.

Thank you all for your responses!

As i understand the Isle of Siptah Expansion will come to EA on PC in september 15th and come as a full release later this year or until early 2021 for all platforms.
In the meanwhile you can test the changes made for the whole game, temperature system overhaul, healing item animations, character progression, PvP Dynamic structure damage, etc.

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