Testlive Patch (04.04.2020) - Followers II: Stances, Command system and more!

Please, please for the love of the pvp players, deactivate the thrall and horse at the same time thing while raid time. Horses already took the fun out of pvping but if your lvl 20 berserker can now follow you while you hide on your horse I can tell you 100% all the oldie pvp players will lose their minds and go crazy on you again.

Don’t get me wrong having the possibility to let a thrall follow your horse is great - for farming purpose or if you do dungeons and tuff - just not in raid time, please! I’m really begging here because I already know how this will kill of pvp. Everyone will just watch how the thralls slaughter each other.



Is there any chance, that this patch will fix this really annoying issue with decor placement? Tomorrow is my birthday, which I had to celebrate at home so a “YES!!!” would really save my day :smiley: @Ignasi


So, I’ve got a dedicated test-live server that’s been updated (and verified), it’s running (running 215217/24660) and I’m running the test-live client, but I’m not seeing this new follower command stuff. Only mods I have installed are Pickup+ and Improved Quality of Life, would these have any impact on this or is there something else I need to do.


I’m looking forward to the update :smiley:
but is there a chance that we can get EXP if the Thrall defeats an enemy without our help? I would like to play a necromancer who only lets his servant fight. But so far I have to strike at least once.

■■■■■■■■ thats great​:heart_eyes::star_struck: Dear Funcom when u do patch for PS4 players? We need this ASAP, because game crashed

Be nice to have an info icon on each thrall in the thrall panel that would popup all settings on a thrall


Hey Agnus, are you seeing a D3D error? Are you running NVIDIA hardware, and if so, would you look and see which version of the drivers you’re running? This number will be visible inside GeForce Experience, under the Driver tab.

Yes, Patrick, any mods have the possibility (actually probability) to be incompatible with testlive, since the modders do not have access to needed information and it would be futile for them to keep up with testlive anyway.

In addition, mod descriptions are never enough to describe all the elements they touch, nor would the casual user be able to understand the effects.

Disable all mods on testlive.



Will the new system allow pets and thralls to fight each other? Conanmon! It would be nice if someone could test it on the PTS :smiley:

I also am wondering about the decorating bug. I was told earlier that this was addressed in the followers II patch?
Otherwise I am looking forward to this :smiley:

Why would you make bow builds even MORE OP with the new 4th perk in accuraccy… Bow builds are ridiculous as is now, and now they can knock us down now?!! They already can kill in 2-3 shots! (Which needs to be changed) you guys at Funcom need to play on official pvp without admin controls or something so you understand what really needs to change.

Im excited for follower commands, just dont see why ypu guys added that accuraccy change

Don’t use mods on testlive.


Report after some hours playing on official EU testlive server:
Turtles are hostile and the newbie river is dangerous again!
Dragging thralls mounted is not working, or at least I could not make it work. Tried using the bidding before mounting and after mounting, no good.

I managed to bind the thrall from horseback, you must use the bidings mounted and very close to the unconscious thrall activate it. There is a bug when mounted you cant see the thrall name plates.

No, just fatal error. I have AMD video card and processor.
WIll play again later to see the exact message.
Got the error, Ctrl+C Ctrl+V bellow:

The UE4-ConanSandbox Game has crashed and will close

Fatal error!


Hey, Barnes. Same random, intermittent fatal errors here. Sometimes on startup, sometimes while just walking along. Haven’t dug through the logs as yet. NVIDIA driver is v. 445.75. Single player vanilla. No issues on the live branch (which is chock full of mods).

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Yeah, everybody is hostile. I had to go to Admin & cloak just to walk through Sepermeru. The only things that haven’t attacked me are bunnies and antelope/deer. I wonder if somebody clicked “Aggressive” globally…
Edit - merchants and dialogue NPCs are not aggressive.

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Really great update guys! Just one suggestion I would like to add is the option to set a patrol path for your thralls. You can use the same system you just implemented (X click to tell them where to go.) But
a different button for example if you press Z the thrall will patroll between the point where you stand and where you aim. (Walk between those 2 points)

Thanks. There is a Windows Update right now that seems to be causing a little havoc among AMD, from what I can discern. If you’re Windows 10, please see if you have any relevant Restore Points from the recent past that might roll back an 1809 or 1909 “Cumulative” software update from Microsoft. Please don’t roll back yet, I’d be interested to know if that’s the case.

System Restore Shortcut:
Windows Key + Pause/Break. Click System Protection, then click System Restore. Click “Choose a different restore point” to see your options and available dates.

There’s a new GeForce driver available, and I strongly suggest keeping it at 445.75. If you have a GTX 1060, 1070 or even some 900 series, you may run into a full fatal D3D error with the TestLive build. I haven’t figured out what is tripping it; in the past I’ve only had to wait for another NVIDIA update. By results from the virtual PC that I’ve run for this purpose, it is not repairable by rolling back the drivers.

In any case, make sure you have restore points switched on so that this error may be reversed in the future if it occurs. :slight_smile:

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Hope you are aware bow builds force you to sacrifice in other areas? If i don’t kill my opponent before they get to me, i’m usually very squishy.

Also the 4th perk is going to be useless vs large targets such as dragons or anything that can’t be knocked down, which makes it waaaaaay too situational to even put points into, Yet Funcom don’t even change the 20 perk which is beyond stupid having everything bounce even off naked people… So this is gonna Nerf archery to point where 30 perk is max anyone should invest.

One perk is going to make it so i have to change my entire character’s armor and weapon load out attributes because the increased AP i get from the accuracy perk tree is gonna go poof.

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I hope a followers III path with more ameliorations =p