Testlive Patch (06.11.2020) - Hotfix 2.1.2: Crafting and general fixes

I know it is not mentioned in the patch notes but just to confirm:

  • Still no ichor from cooking any fish.
  • Sill no legendary armor kits with a T4 durability blacksmith/armorer in the tinker’s bench.

On the positive note:

Multigun is happy to assist with the oil crisis:

Frost Giant’s Armor:




I really hoped for a vanity mirror fix regarding body setting and body setting being resetet to defaults… and also adding the missing Body controls… Is that in the works?

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Fish isnt the only source for ichor. I know they changed a lot, but im finding literal gallons of icor in under an hour by harvesting spiders and harvesting those winged earwigs (among other things). I have never once gotten ichor from fish (or very rare or have not known of other ways) in the pre-patch.

As for oil, yea i get it from squashing seeds, but those Nordheimer for some reason always have a ton on them. I go chest hunting (especially the easter egg near the Den) and usually find a few units along with a really good weapon.

But i am a solo pve “offline” player as well.

Body settings controls for the Vanity Mirror is being worked on at the moment and will come with a later patch.


Like Monday? Tuesday?

My bets are on Thursday, just don’t know which one :grin:

Are the testlive servers working now? I’ve tried connecting this morning and they were not.

Is that a typo about frostgiant armour giving 16 vitality?

You could cook unappetizing fish and shell fish for ichor. You never cooked any of these to find out is what I find funny.

I’m under the impression they want us to rely less on camps of fish traps to get ichor or make oil. I’m happy for the change as seeing fish trap builds annoying. Heard fish traps were the big factor in server stability because of the huge fish farms.

I’m really amazed to see how a released game slides back into early acces
really funny funcom not only that you are constantly adding new features no it’s also constant bugs and recurring problems even problems that have been around for years are only amusingly smiled at and ignored
apparently it doesn’t bother some people but why would they play the game constantly and put their values more on the pve even if it’s only a small group

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Pve is most of the group not including pve-c as that depends on how you see it but on a issue that comes back could be bent on we alter most of the files and redone a bunch of them and the fix depending on what it is the we put that back where it was and the stupid thing moved again. Happens in all the games I play we once fixed this and now it’s back but hey it’s a game not a physical living being or a table made of wood that very easy to maintain as I’ve done game development and that’s not as easy or simple as most think even if it’s fun to watch a bug that very funny and you leave in cause it’s funny like the game I’m a goat and dev team said is has mass bugs but we not going to fix cause we like em :crazy_face::star_struck::face_with_raised_eyebrow::partying_face::triumph::pensive::confused::slightly_frowning_face::triumph::confounded::smirk::worried::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::cold_sweat::cold_face::weary::unamused::exploding_head::scream::fearful::angry::unamused::nerd_face::sunglasses::partying_face::confounded::triumph::angry:

That doesn’t explain why I am being smiled at in the stream because I asked why the rhinos continue to fly after 3 years.
it is funny the first time
i don’t deny that pve is the majority of people i just said that the game is becoming more and more to the disadvantage of pvp players.

i rather prefer a game that has reached its peak and when expansions are coming, not after the crowd that might cause problems.

the other thing i forgot to mention is that the game is very admin unfriendly players with some special characters in their ID can not be watched via “viewplayer” because it is possible to work around this and some special characters do not work in the console.
is it so hard for funcom to implement things that work like mod “pippi”? -> i had to fix my post because patches will make problem i forgot

It is not a bug, it is a “feature” at this point and I can’t believe that after 3 years people still haven’t accepted it as part of the game. There are much bigger problems to solve than waste time on fixing flying rhinos. If you truly are a pvper, you should know that.

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Hey Narelle,
i never said that there are no major problems i just named a few bugs i would now write every bug here that would go beyond the scope.
i named a “problem” what i know lasts the longest

Curious on when there are plans to fix the issues with FLS DDoS’ing local networks?

I cant wait when there will be text ““Removed Journey step -Defeat mummy of the ring”” after 3 years? :smiley:


  • Improved Armorer’s Bench just like Improved Carpenter’s Bench and Improved Blacksmith’s Bench has double recipes (for common and improved items).
  • Only Improved Armorer’s Bench and Armorer’s Bench with T4 employee have additional recipes:
    • Black Hand Trousers 52534
    • Black Hand Vest 52532
    • Heavy Leather Helmet 52608
    • Heavy Plated Helmet 52601
    • Horned Heavy Plated Helmet 52602
    • Stygian Headdress 52061
    • Stygian Sandals 52065
    • Stygian Shendyt 52064
    • Stygian Vest 52062
  • A T4 armorer worker (with a hammer :hammer:) in Tinker’s Bench does not have Legendary Armor Patch Kit recipe.
  • The Siege Cauldron from the description can be made in any Blacksmith’s bench, but this recipe is missing in all blacksmith’s benches.
  • A T4 priest of religion with a hammer :hammer: increases the durability of the religion armor (ok), but priest with a shield :shield: does not increase the defense of the armor (issue).
  • Stormglass Left (and) Right Sloping Inverted Wall uses top secret anti-gravity technology from Zeta Reticuli :alien: and cannot be placed conventionally.

  • Using the right trigger on the controller to take the last item from a chest or workstation resets the cursor (highlighted / active item) position in the player’s inventory (this is annoying when cleaning :broom: the house :house: ).
  • ( Edit ) I don’t know if this was intentional, but Darfari Weapons (Axe, Sword and Cudgel) are crafted in the player’s inventory. So they are not part of the new crafting system.