Testlive patch 11.09.2020 - Despite of the change, harvesting is still the lowest XP gainer

First of all, it is not viable testing the new progression system in any of the official testlive server such as Combat_TestLive_EU3_PVE because the XP rate multiplier and the Harvesting rate multiplier are set to 5x. So, I created a new game/new character in singleplayer and set everything in the setting as default.

Default setting
Low level low tier

Here are some of the XP bar screenshots

  1. XP bar before harvesting

  2. XP bar after harvesting stone 12x hits

  3. XP bar before a combat

  4. XP bar after killing an imp with basic attack

  5. XP bar before a journey step

  6. XP bar after using a torch journey step

Conclusion: in my opinion, in a low level and low tier, harvesting is still considered as the lowest XP gainer while the other 2 i.e. combat and journey step competing to be the highest XP gainer of the game. Harvesting progressing change is not yet significant enough to be used as a main XP gainer for players. The journey step is still considered as a high XP gainer and with a boost on the combat/killing NPC, both of them are most probably equally high. The combat progressing change, though, can be considered significant enough as a main XP gainer for players, because it is slightly higher than journey step.


Well, for me thats not meaningful at all. Harvesting an easy resource like stone with a stone pick or killing the lowest enemy you can find doesnt represent the gain on mid grade/high grade resources/enemies for me.


@therryy, I actually mentioned in my message that it is low level and low tier, because players start at level 0 in Conan Exiles and making their way up the level as they are progressing by doing activities in the game. It was said in the patch that progressing has been improved particularly with combat and harvesting. That is why i gave my opinion from a new player point of view.


A hint: go mine black ice or brimstone in Sinner’s Refuge :stuck_out_tongue: In addition, the first few levels are super easy. Around lvl 40 is where the progression slows down. The system is also not meant to boost you to lvl 60 by hitting rocks at noob river.

@narelle, I absolutely agree harvesting high tier mats such as black ice and using high tier tool will result in gaining a great amount of level. However, in a default official game server, such as PVE official server, you can only harvest black ice at higher level considering the environment and NPCs around the black ice nodes. Thus it requires a better armor and level to deal with the surrounding. My point in my original message was at a low level, at the beginning of the game.


You should consider though the full experience though, not only the first few levels. It also takes less effort to harvest a stone than to kill something. It makes sense to give lower xp.

@Narelle, noted. I only simulate the game experience and try not to use the admin right to increase the level. Though, for a starter player it will consider a great help to gain level from harvesting at the early stage of the game.


Harvesting a node of coal with an iron pick will get you around 1500xp. At least in single player with rates set at default it will.

@Technicolorfool thanks for the input.

Forgot to mention that was on the Barbaric difficulty setting. I don’t know if the xp is different for the different difficulties.

Please post any feedback regarding the progression rebalance here instead: