Testlive Patch (11.09.2020) - The Isle of Siptah balance and bug fixing update

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Thumbs up for a big content update and meaningful changes!

You raid during normal hours …I

Well this particular change is really, REALLY lousy! Will Vitality 30 ‘Fierce Vitality’ perk be readjusted to its previous 1hp per second to compensate for this loss? I couldnt even begin to tell you guys just how many times the PvE and Singleplayer communities have stressed just how important a respectable rate of passive health regeneration is to them. We fought vehermently against past nerfs to this in the form of the Lifeblood Spear nerf, and the downgrade of the aforementioned Fierce Vitality perk. Eventually we were given ‘Soothing’ as a compromise of sorts, and as a means to help new players find their footing early on. So to me it boggles the mind as to why you are planning to go 2 steps backwards and remove it.

PLEASE reconsider this change!

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How are we supposed to test out the map on testlive if the DLC is not available for purchase yet?

You can test features on the old map actually.
For the new map, you have to wait monday.

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Camera Shake Toggle !


Errr 61gb ? Am i downloading Siptah ?

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No doubt it’s in there already!

Finally :stuck_out_tongue:


You should fix the testlive servers configuration, I intended to test the new progression too.

NA PVP is the only one with x1 experience, harvest and crafting time. The other ones, both EU and NA PVE have exp x5, harvest x2 and crafting 0,5.
Hopefully those values at the NA PVP server are the right values.

I’m on Combat_TestLive_US1_PvP and building damage is always on, all the time. So, there’s no way to confirm whether or not the offline protection is working as intended.

Is this intended?

Probably another oversight on the server configuration. Hopefully they make the configuration right for the Siptah servers.

For official PVP servers we are currently planning to have both features enabled, with the scheduled building damage being set for Friday and Saturday during peak server time and Dynamic Building Damage being always enabled with 30 minutes logout window. This will mean that players will be able to damage buildings during the scheduled building damage windows OR if any building owner is online and for 30 minuets after they logoff, subject to feedback.

I read this as Saturday and Friday is “normal” as is now, meaning no offline protection, and then all other times can be raided when any member is online +30 minutes.

If so, i can get behind this. Having only 2 days with og rules 6 hour windows, and then 24/7 raiding with offline protection enabled makes it very more of a survival game when online, and allows for clans to enjoy the game and balance competition.

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I believe it will now mean raiding is enabled 24/7. Meaning if you are online you can get raided. And up to 30 minutes after. Friday and Saturday, it will be old school 6 hour window with no offline protection. Meaning, if you like offlining as a strategy, you will have to do it on those 2 days in the 6 hour windows, otherwise be prepared for resistance when raiding.

The server I’m on isn’t configured this way. It’s set to allow building damage all the time and there’s never any offline raid protection. shrug

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Can we get an official position on the deaths enterering caves bug, it’s still present.

Just place Palisades in front of you or use spears, climb onto high ground and shoot away with arrows etc… Better yet. Use Horses of your own! Wow! See There? i Fixed your problem with horses.

It’s a testlive bug having to do with the undermesh anti-exploit mechanic. It’s not something seen on live unless the player or server admin switches it on. Which people seem to be doing accidently (or their server providers are). There is a simple ini line you can add to disable it.

“Items can now be used while placed in containers.”

Can you elaborate more on this, please? In the current Conan Exiles, I can put stack of drinks or foods in the chest or preservation box and directly using it from it if needed (while not going out of my base). If so the same in this patch #Testlive Patch (11.09.2020) - The Isle of Siptah balance and bug fixing update, there is no improvement then.

I’ve been playing in:
Official server #1325


I really wish not to download Siptah since i wont be buying the DLC, this is just 61gb of stuff that i am not going to use.