Testlive Patch (11.09.2020) - The Isle of Siptah balance and bug fixing update

This is a bit tricky because your experience will vary a lot depending on which map you play. Let’s say Exiled Lands is easy mode while on Siptah is a lot harder to obtain good thralls.


What drops these?

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I found them in chests in the Unnamed City.

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I guess I didn’t quite type the item correctly. They are xx_modkit_buff_accuracy and xx_modkit_buff_agility. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

The TestLive is now 2 patches behind Live now. Maybe they have been fixed, but thanks for reporting them.

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The Executioner’s Entrance was really buggy for me my last visit. Everything in there would eventually stop moving and attacking. If they didn’t just stop inside the cave then they would after my character hit them.

I thought I saw a new graphic effect with a few of the world bosses. Maybe I just never noticed it before. It was quite nice though.

Also, strangely, I noticed that the 200+ gruel I had in my thrall’s inventory stopped healing her. I really liked this. People complain about how OP thralls are. If they don’t heal up with food then they are more vulnerable and mortal.

More notes:

I went to King’s Niche and see the design flaw has been fixed so the boss can get through the doorway now. Great job! Only the boss ran right past my character and got stuck on the doorframe on the opposite side from where he spawns trying to get to my thrall. Then he just stood there while my thrall wailed away on him.

The skeleton key he dropped was useable on the Legendary item chest even though I wasn’t lvl 60. Yay!

I wonder if the lore stone recipes are unlockable w/o having the Feat requirements now. I’m too high in level to check this out, unfortunately, and I seem to avoid using yellow lotus potions like I should. I never understood why the recipes were locked behind a Feat requirement when you have to attain a certain level to unlock the Feat to be able to use them anyways. It also seemed inconsistent to me that the Lore Stone in the Witch Queen’s Palace and the Dreg’s were unlockable at any level and the rest weren’t.

I’ve been having an issue where I can’t place my thrall at times on building foundations. It doesn’t happen all the time and I haven’t figured out what triggers it.

When I first enter/continue my game, my character will do the encumbered walk w/o being encumbered until I jump or do some other action. Then I can walk normally.

When I saw how much Healing Arrows cost in resources I thought, “Wow! That’s expensive!” I haven’t been adversely impacted by the cost yet though.

That’s all I can think of to mention now.

Sorry I’m hogging up all the recent posting in this thread lately.

Keep up the good work Funcom! Alex!!!

Noticed that brimstone in the Salt Barrens has changed to a darker color. And it seems like they take more hits to completely resource as well as giving more resources. After just one section with a steel pick I had over 1k in brimstone.

A few things I keep forgetting to mention:

Thank you!.. for increasing the torch timer in Barbaric by almost 5 minutes.

Thank you!.. for decreasing the radius for building pieces removing resources from the landscape.

The War Paint graphic remains on my character way too long after the buff has expired. I logged off and back on 3 times (each session was over an hour) after the buff had expired and he paint was still on my character.

Noticed that the NPC load in issue (where they do not load in) on the south end of Sep City only started to happen after my base reached a certain size. I built in my default/safe place on top of Iron Breaker Ridge.

Speaking of load issues. I’ve been having slow load times for NPC’s in certain areas since before the Siptah patch/dlc/update. The Nord tower area, the Den and the cave where you get the armor of Sobek all load npc’s slow for me.

So I realize that testlive has been sidestepped in favor of making live a beta experience once more. This is disappointing. What in the world is testlive for? I only have room on my SSD for one copy of Conan Exiles. Either live or teslive but not both.

In any event here’s my latest notes and thoughts regarding testlive (now 3 updates behind):

The snake boss has been fixed. At least my last battle the boss didn’t glitch into the floor or wall upon death. Thank you!

The Rhino boss outside of Sepermeru is a different story. My thrall glitched into the ground and was no longer doing damage to King Rhino. I had to run into Sepermeru and get her to teleport to me to keep her from getting cheaply killed.

The Red Mother battle is better but still glitchy. The dragon didn’t at any point glitch into the terrain or architecture. However, my thrall glitched into the ground at times and also had moments where she was right next to Mother but wouldn’t attack.

Thank you!.. for making thralls easier/quicker to level up. I noticed the Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker that is my main thrall levelled up to 20 much faster. I also didn’t notice the experience needed for the next level ever hit 1 million.

It seems weird to me that one berry can sate my character as well/long as a larger portion of food like a lasting meal. Maybe the duration of the sated effect on the berry should be shortened. I know in real life I have to eat a lot of berries to become full.

The wheels of pain food meter is not showing for me.

I noticed that the scrolls from the archivist are no longer useable if you already learned a feat you have a duplicate of. I don’t like to litter. Please make scrolls, notes, etc. stackable. They are parchment/paper after all. I don’t want them taking up all of my storage space if possible.

Thank you!.. for fixing the skeletons outside of the Warmaker’s Dungeon. They no longer bleed.

It might be my imagination but night time seems shorter.

Guess I’m off to uninstall testlive and reinstall live… sigh.

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