Testlive Patch (18.02.2020) - Followers Management System plus Funcom Launcher

At first glance (daughter slept early > dad gets Conan Exiles time!) this looks just about perfect.

  • Map markers: Toggle-able, and off by default so as to not overload the map - perfect.
  • Status page: Yeah. Nothing to add really. Name, status, level, and access to remote-dumping thralls (would’ve saved me some trips around the map!) - perfect.
  • Rescue function: Losing equipment etc seems a bit harsh, but I’m assuming it’s an anti-exploit / PvP necessity thing. Arguably acceptable since a good thrall is still harder to get than replacing equipment, in general. The thrall drops their stuff as a lootbag at their old position prior to teleporting home, not sure if that’s intended (I like it, though).

This is game breaking right here. Pineapple on cake or ice cream, OK. It is not a pizza topping.


I m on consoles. I lost my Lv 19 thrall when I died randomly before last patch. Can rescue function save lost thrall after player died in this patch.(I still didn’t give up hope :cry:)

got a quick chance at lunch to DL and run a quick run through…

  1. Recall and Break Bond lose inventory of thrall where it is.
  2. Noticed Anything i placed before this patch didn’t have the rescue/stat/break bond function. They were grayed out. Is this intended @Ignasi ?

I can’t confirm. I have not summoned any new thralls but used the ones I had already on my singleplayer session from the mounts update. I was able to use the features on them but you need to be in rendering distance for them to not be accessible.


Great work to everybody on the team! Now if you also can get a follower command system(passive, agressive, defensive) into the game you have a homerun

The ini settings for the new cool downs and 2 that were not mentioned. Funcom you should add these things to the patch notes in the future. I had to delete my old ini file to get these to show up.


I have a couple of relatively minor gripes, to be followed by a whole heap of praise.


I am little frustrated that after a plethora of requests and multiple follower updates you folks have still not come to the table with Thrall aggro on/off settings. PLEASE consider implementing this. We would really like the ability to set followers to:

Aggressive- will attack anything on sight
Defensive- will only attack if they or the player is attacked
Passive- will not attack under any circumstances

This is a little unclear to me. So will I be able to ‘Rescue’ the followerif we are in a dungeon and I die? Same question applies for wandering the Map in general.If I cant rescue them inside a dungeon, this feature has no use for me. Or is it restricted to our bases!? Could someone do me a kindness and clarify please…?

Thats it for my negatives, now onto the praise!


I couldnt agree more, great call! Listen to the community and take feedback onboard, then do some fine tuning before releasing updates to live. I love it!

This sounds very convenient, and helpful for tracking lost followers. Thankyou.

Outstanding! I had even considered requesting this in the form of a suggestion.

I could not possibly be happier or more welcoming of this fix! They can contemplate the mysteries of life on their own time; not while we are in combat.

Thankyou kindly for the impending update Funcom.


I keep thinking about the rescue feature. While it is fantastic for getting a stuck thrall, I really don’t like that it pulls them out naked. Understanding that it is probably important for PvP, I’d like to see this feature have a couple toggles for solo games and private servers:

Rescue with gear/inventory or Rescue without.
Rescue timers enabled or Rescue timers disabled.
Rescue in landclaim only, or Rescue anywhere.

Maybe this is just the next mod from Multigun (wink wink) or maybe devs can pop that in the code when nobody is looking?


we already have a few of these settings but yeah, i want summon i mean rescue with gear and inventory function too :smiley:


oh nice! I did not catch that. I hope it becomes toggles in the GUI.

I don’t know if we will see anything that allows for a player to teleport inventory across map instantaneously. Way to easy to cheese for insta-porting back to base. If it was a setting, it would definitely have to be off on PVP official servers and any official servers with drop loot on death. As that is the whole reason for map rooms, I am told. To alleviate travel time. Being able to pull pet inventory (Caravan) by simply pressing a button would become the norm to move goods from farm area to base without even traveling back.


I appreciate the management system but are more interested in AI fixes. As for the launcher… oh goodie, another launcher.

Reguardless, updates are good, thanks.

Or think about a clan with two bases, to move stuff from one to the other you could just have 1 person at each base, one would load the thrall up and the other would rescue it. Instant transfer.

I believe the rescue function was implemented due to the high number of people with thralls stuck under the map. It would allow you to get the thrall out if you wanted to keep it instead of just breaking bonds and calling it a loss. Basically it’s a cheap way to fix the thrall-fell-through-the-map glitch. I don’t think it was intended to be used in regular gameplay for any reason, just to fix errors.

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I’m still at work, so I can’t test this, but I interpreted this to mean: you can only use the “Rescue” action if you are currently standing on land claimed by yourself. So, if you died in the dungeon and you chose to respawn at your bed, you can rescue the follower. However, it’ll make your follower lose all their inventory.

I think “rescue” was meant to be used for emergencies like “oh, crap, my thrall has sunk into my foundations and I can’t get it back unless I dismantle that stuff” or “my tiger is stuck deep inside the Wine Cellar and I don’t want to go back for it”.


This is awesome guys, can’t wait for it to come to console.

Maybe we should call it something else than “rescue”. You save them but they lose all on them and come butt naked. There is a warning but yeah. Idk what is a good word though …

I agree, and that’s why from my perspective (solo PvE) I find it a little harsh to lose equipment - but I also recognize that, largely intended to fix errors or not, it will be exploited to Hell and back if the system allows for it. So I understand the need to walk carefully and it’s always easier to add to it later (if so desired) than to take away something already implemented.


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