Testlive Patch (21.12.2018) - Purge Fixes and Building Optimizations

Yes, of course, they will run to the fight, but only 4 will enter combat at the same time. If one is killed, an other one will jump in, but still only 4 for 1 target.


Thrall following seems buggy. They seem to follow for a little bit and then stop. I have to keep looking behind me to see if they are still close and then go back to find them. then all of a sudden they will just appear next to me. This is just running over flat land.

I have noticed this but the strangest thing for me is a 5th or a 6th will enter into combat if they are an archer as I have 3 fighters and 3 archers.

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Vattende is correct, only 4 will surround a target, any other melee fighter will standby nearby. You’ll also notice that as they take damage, they’ll do a bit of tag team and swap out to give the injured thrall time to heal up. In addition to the 4 frontline fighters, EVERY other range thrall within sight will shoot. This is normal and has been a thing for a long time.

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I dont see you fix the pve base breaking bug and i dont see you do anything about the exploiters either. any plans on either of those or rip offical servers ?

Bug with blocking player communications. I thought the 2 icons at the end of someones name in the player list was supposed to hide their chat messages? someone is flooding chat and I thought the block chat icon would stop it, but after clicking it so there is the red circle with the slash in it over the chat icon they are still showing up in chat. Never had to use this before so not sure if this is old or new bug. This is on testlive_us3_pve.

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similarly on the official server I had to demolish and rebuild the location on the volcano

You are going to have to get way more specific. What PvE base breaking bug? As far as exploits, as widely reported and is in the patch notes, undermeshing is being addressed in this testlive patch. If there are other exploits you feel needs to be addressed, report them via exploit hunters. It is not uncommon for an exploit to be quietly patched to help keep from making it more public to people who want to exploit and cheat.

Will the testlive be updated before it goes live?

I had my base/crafters all randomly glitch (can’t select, walk through walls), so had to revert to regular (which fixed the problem), but I prefer the testlive combat much more so it would be nice to have a fix.

Date oficial launch update?

I sure hope they will update testlive and give it some more weeks of testing, this version will be the new base apocalypse if sent to live in this state.

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It had better. It does not look anywhere near ready in its current state based on the bug reports.

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They said ať least 2-3 weeks, before live version

I spoke to erik about it on messages more than two weeks ago. Didnt get any response and i dont see it listed in the patchnotes. plus the bug still works on live servers, there are people in my server using it and its super easy to figure out and reproduce. No action has been taken against any exploiter or any effort to fix this. havent tested in the testlive my schedule is not what it was so i dont have the time to download and try it.

It is not !

While some game mecanics are indead interesting, the stutters and lag isn’t fixed at all. What is also one of the main purpose of the ongoing testlive-patch.

People shouldn’t push to have a patch released just because they want see some features they like in game.

We’re still going to gather some more feedback on this build for a few days, then our team will work on ironing out all these issues you people reported. Depending on how long that would take we might release a smaller patch before, addressing some of the impending issues of the current live build.

Our team is slowly getting back from their vacations, so we don’t have an estimate date yet. I would say two to three weeks, but please take in mind that this is just a wild guess. For the time being please keep bringing up any new issue you find in Testlive. For any other issues involving the live builds of the game, please report them in their appropriate sub-forums.

Thank you everybody!


Some dev just read your post and now will eat your favorite donut on donut day. Devs and engineers hate when company spokespeople make guesses on timelines for new material.

However, the paying customers love it, so keep doing it! :slight_smile:


a big patch like this, and in its current state, and with the very few people testing it in testlive, i dont expect it to come live before early march (i am ok waiting) …but i suspect we might get another Payed “cosmetic” DLC before that. any bets ?

Please don’t frown on this, I’m not being a ■■■■. :smiley: I would gladly buy the Nordheimer DLC on Day 1 if I knew it was directly implicated in the funding of the current TestLive patch. We’ve got a good thing going now, so by all means if it’s symbolized by a DLC, let it be.

As a longtime Testliver, the hardest part about it is some Castles Made of Sand, fall into the Sea, even though they’re T3. :guitar: For me it’s all part of the ebb and flow, but for others it’s much more jarring. It would be very meaningful if the Chosen of Asura were granted this month to a badass TestLive contributor, because I know they suffer through a lot, without a ton of thanks.

That’s not to excuse the lower numbers in the TestLive pool. It’s not an especially high time of year for gaming, based on my other games that have a similar wholly volunteer experimental group.

A good portion of the testers I know of are doing so, and have done so, via single player or private server. Rather then public testing servers. One shouldn’t hypothesize the number of testers via the official test servers at all.