Testlive Patch (24.02.2020) - Additional fixes and fine-tuning

@Wak4863 I was able to summon dudes from the other end of the map. Are you not able to?

I was mistaken. I thought that the little yellow dot represented what you were able to interact with. It appears to be working on both dedicated server and solo game. Sorry for the confusion.

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With bleed or poison, that stuff doesn’t break your complete build, it only hurts u. A mitra justice or set tongue can completely knock someone from a fight with 1 hit and keep them out for a solid 10 seconds if not longer, in a group fight this would effectively be death to whoever gets hit as they wouldn’t be able to distance themselves to rebuff if not killed before attempting to pull back. Id be somewhat okay if this completely OP ability was at the very least at the very end of the combo. But being able to basically drop someone from a fight with such ease and without any skill at all is just dirty. Along with you may have been running expensive warpaints, hunter potions, encumberment potions, and all fish. Way too many buffs and too much effort to get such buffs for them to just be taken away with 1 easy to land hit.

I know players who only use the armor attributes as a buff. they don’t like having to remember to eat every fish before they get into the fight. If there is no way to counter the buff, and as easy as it is to get the recipe and mass produce, then they might as well give you the +3 on those atts and stop wasting code on the buffs.

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LOL. Officials, most vets will have stacks of this in less than a week.

About the first part of these testlive… That follower management system will come in handy. It will be a pretty good new tool for the game.

But, please, add some map filter tools as well.

(This is just an example from conanexilesmap.com. There isn’t our custom markers)

For everyone who stands for a long time in the same server, our map has become V-E-R-Y polluted and it’s now really hard to notice anything.
Showing 55-100 new marks on that (I loved it, btw) will make even harder without map filters.

Pls, give some love on that for us


Is it so difficult to fix your flaw in a patch by blocking it with a new one? Are you serious?

After 2 days, nothing has changed. What players need to look for a way out of this problem created by your inadequacy.

Hey everybody,

Please use this thread for feedback about this patch. Any other discussions should be directed to other sections/threads.

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I am sorry but this is the purpose of TestLive … to identify problems before they go LIVE. The workaround takes 10 more seconds of your time. I am pretty sure you can live with it.


A brief summary of what I have already tested in single player. If anyone has any suggestions on how to break the system, please feel free to tag me or send me a DM:

  1. I have rescued a thrall/pet within rendering distance and outside of the rendering distance. They come butt naked (including horses now) and their inventory and gear drop in a bag at their original location. I have not noticed any issues in regards to them losing stats, levels, hp or anything of that sorts.
  2. The skele pets no longer drop their default weapons in a bag when rescued but still drop them when killed. They drop their inventory as they are expected to.
  3. There is 1h cooldown after a successful rescue. The server setting to adjust this time is working (mine is now 0 and I don’t get any cooldown). I haven’t found a way to bypass this timer.
  4. I have tried various fighter and archer thralls, various pets, dlc pets, horses, bearers, all of them seem to drop their inventory consistently, I haven’t found a pet/thrall that doesn’t obey the rules.
  5. I have undermeshed a thrall and I have managed to successfully rescue it.
  6. I have tried placing a battle standard flag and summoning a thrall, they came naked as they are supposed to.
  7. Thralls/pets markers can be toggled to display their location on the map. We have now a function to de-select them all which works as intended. Some map filters as suggested by others would be appreciated.
  8. There is a warning message when you attempt a rescue that you will lose all gear. The selected thrall should be highlighted regardless whether they are within rendering distance or not.

A few more things tested:

  1. Tried rescuing my thrall from Midnight Grove, Warmaker and Wine Cellar. All attempts were successful.
  2. These 3 settings work:


  1. I couldn’t make this one work. True or False I can’t summon anything in no building zone:


:hocho: :horse: :gorilla: Some findings on how the thrall population system works:

  1. When you have reached the limit or you are above it, you have a red indicator:

  2. When you are below the limit you have a yellow indicator

  3. The settings seem to be working (mine were set to kill a thrall every 5 min) when above the limit.

  4. If you are above the limit, you cannot place any more thralls which is good for avoiding potential abuse of the system on pvp servers:

  5. Once your first thrall is killed, you get an one-time warning, notifying you how many more will die. Btw @Ignasi there is a typo in there (minons) and is it intended to get the warning one time only?

  6. You get entries in the event log for every killed pet but no further warnings (dont mind the gorilla, that was me):

7. :loudspeaker: IMPORTANT: Which thrall gets killed doesn’t appear to be random. It seems that the killing starts from the LAST placed thrall. Newest to Oldest. Meaning that your newly levelled fancy thralls will be the first to die :slight_smile:

  1. Once the system is enabled the first thrall will be deleted after the value shown here: 5 minutes in my case:

P.S. These are my personal settings to test the system and not the ones on official. The official ones are currently at 50 Base / 5 per player / 60 min.



The new effect and bonus from Mitra’s Justice and Set’s Tongue need to be balanced.

While I think it’s amazing that you’ve given these god-tier weapons an actual use and reason to be farmed, simply being able to remove ALL buffs all at once it’s just not right.

Here’s some ways I think you could keep this new effect on these weapons without completely making potions/fish/warmaker books obsolete:

-When hit with these weapons there’s a % chance they will remove all your buffs. Buffs like charisma can increase the chance the attack debuffs the victim but if the victim is using a charisma buff as well, then it also helps them counter.

-Instead of removing all buffs all at once, each hit from these weapons removes one random buff per hit.

-Add jebbal sag’s prowl to the list of weapons that do this and divide exactly what buffs each of these weapons remove once they hit someone. For example, Mitra’s hope could remove strength and agility buffs from the victim. Set’s Tongue could remove vitality and grit. Jebbal’s prowl could remove survival and encumbrance.

-Instead of completely removing buffs upon one hit, the timer is reduced. Say someone’s got a 30min timer left, then being hit by Mitra’s justice or Set’s Tongue could lower that timer maybe -5min or -10min per hit.

Personally I think either one of these options will help keep this new perk balanced.

Again, the fact these weapons can debuff is amazing and will bring interesting PvP interactions but the way it works now it turns potions/fish/books into garbage or as if they never even existed.


Does that mean the follower base limit will be lowered from 55 to 30 and the maximum will thus be 75 for a10 player clan on officals?

@Ryu-Salazar No, these are my personal settings in single player. I lowered them to fit my needs for the test. The official ones were 50 base / 5 per player / 60 min.


Thank you very much for clarification!

My testlive client downloaded something again but it still crashes in start up, using .exe file directly works.
I watched other players base decay in my eyes and i could loot the stuff, is this how it should work ?
Also Thralls didn’t decay leaving flying thralls, check thrall decay timers ? or new bug ?
Server : Official Combat_testlive_EU2_PvE_Conflict ( no mods )

Thralls and bases usually have different decay settings sets. Base: 7 days and you need to be in rendering distance to refresh. Thalls: 15 days and you can log anywhere on the map and still refresh them. You dont have to visit them 1 by 1.

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I too have the same problem

I can aslo say that even reinstaling the game didnt do anything…