Testlive Patch (24.02.2020) - Additional fixes and fine-tuning

I too have the same problem

I can aslo say that even reinstaling the game didnt do anything…

Work around ---->

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Forgive the late reply CodeMage. Work has been extremely busy lately, and I have a BIG backlog of forum replies to get through. No I understood, Im just working an angle in my mind here. My line of thinking was that I could lay one foundation in the dungeon. Then if I die I could rescue him to the foundation, re-equip him with gear and heal him up fully, then we could make our way back to the boss before his health has had time to refill. Its just a means I devised for us both to regroup and recover before diving back into the fray.

Although for the record, your back to the Bed method would also work, but would constitute more of an escape strategy than a regroup one. Both would serve their purposes well. :slightly_smiling_face:

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New patch is out

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