Testlive Patch (29.05.2020) - Balancing and Avatars Rev. 1

what you going on about really, I never said a thing about turning them off , I said they have 24/7 servers and whose logic are you using as I never said once in any post on any comment on this forum that Funcom should not have 24/7 servers. Stop putting words in my mouth that are not mine.

“this game has 24/7 servers and that bugs and issues do not stop just cause its the weekend.” did I ask them not to be 24/7, did I say a word about when they should be up NO I did not.

What , did I ever say I did not want them to be 24/7 no. I pointed out they have a forum that is 24/7 , they have game servers that are 24/7 and that is both true and they only have support M-F which is also true, I did not say they should only have servers on M-F nor did I say anything about what they should do if you go back and reread it. I pointed out what they do and do not do that is all but really I am so done with this, its useless and has no point. I will just wait for Funcom to give us an update.

Horses also do not take fall damage when being ridden.

My personal feelings are that it’s extremely convenient for travel & testing purposes, but I do hope to see it fixed despite the inconvenience.

No one expects daily feedback. They might not yet know what exactly breaks TestLive, but they now what they added to the game that breaks it. So they can optionally turn their live services of, so people have to stop tip-toeing around a bug, that prevents people from playing an experimental branch.

They also don’t have to rush another broken update with completely new mechanics (as if that would make any difference). They could “just” work on a hotfix or at least tell us that they’re working on a solution for the most obvious showstopper, that makes TestLive as accessible as it was before. I bet the next won’t just fix the connection issue, but will also introduce completely new stuff as a band-aid for previously releases.

The things I reported several weeks ago are still in there or surfaced again, what others mentioned: the purge, thralls being underpowered/overpowered, you name it, will remain in its state - this won’t be fixed for another eternity because we now have live services, a new and broken leash mechanic, that need even more fixing. An endless cycle of putting band-aids on band-aids. The taming of animals, bleeding/healing mechanics, etc. are in the same lackluster/minimalist state as they were in the time of their release and there’s even more semi-polished features coming.

Maybe there is a backlog of priorities that they are working on 1st? Maybe some issues take more than 5 minutes to fix and update and reload and whatever.
Or they could be sitting around playing Dune and laughing at you and me…who knows, i tend to believe they are working on the issues.

P.s. the next testlive update, that will have the live service issue fixed is my guess, until then, opt into steam betas, and load the testlive that way, or not and wait.

Slow is smooth…smooth is fast…


USA Testlive PVE server

Report on the avatars. I farmed up the zeal tokens to summon the avatar of Mitra. The game prompted me for confirmation before beginning to craft the true name token. It took many minutes before the token was finished crafting. Upon completion, the altar and priest disappeared, the token appeared in my inventory, and all other items that remained inside the alter dropped into a loot bag. The true name token had a 6 hour decay timer. I did not test to see if I could drop the token nor transfer to another inventory. Upon summoning, there was approx 1 minute wait before the avatar appeared. Either upon using the token or upon the transition to overhead camera for the avatar control (can’t remember which), I received a report that my follower was no longer following me. I summoned near the King Scorpion just outside of Sepermaru. The avatar had a 1 minute usage timer that did not begin until the summoning process was completed and full control given to the character. After the avatar usage was completed, full control and normality was returned to my character, along with the report that the spirit of Mitra had left me. I was able to walk around, do anything much the same as at any point in gameplay prior to summoning. My character name in the chat window was preceeded by Mitra. The only oddity to note was that after the summoning, whenever I typed something into the chat window, it displayed twice, as if I had sent the same message twice in a row instantaneously.

My personal thoughts, these things are really friggin cool! Very OP, but with an extremely high price tag to balance it. I wish I had more than a minute to play around with it, but I understand why that timer exists. I also understand now why it’s such a big deal that avatars were temporarily removed from the game.

Did the temple and priest return?

No. Crafting the token destroys both priest and temple once the crafting is finished. The game warns you of this before you begin crafting the token.

Just wanted to post it here from LIVE: The little snakes hate other snakes… Dont know if this is already fixed in the hate-list thing or if its on purpose.

And the best thing is: The big snake doesnt even care… The small one can kill it, without the bigger one doing anything (not world-boss snake! Just the bigger ones).
Have seen that yesterday at live south of the Den. (if it is fixed already, ignore it :smiley: )

I’m reasonably certain I remember seeing the behavior on testlive server yesterday, so I don’t think it’s fixed yet.

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if there isn’t a patch notes joke about freudian overtones when this is fixed I’ll be disappointed.


Hi, sorry to bother but any word on when this issue with test live being broken for some us be fixed without using that work around?

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please fix this issue at least to the point where we can work offline. Some of us are not good work around people, and the work around requires downloading another copy of the game which now cause space issues. Steam does have them at least on my set in to separate folders. Going in to the files and starting to move code type items around almost always go wrong. thank you.

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USA Testlive PVE Server

Darfari at Skulker’s End was heard saying “Hokey Pokey, Mate”

*Nordheimer Bearer thrall recruited from a different Darfari camp location was also heard saying the phrase while following me. This sound byte is being added to the list of options for them to speak, when, as far as i know, it should belong exclusively to those originating from black hand camps.

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So tomorrow its 2 weeks since last patch on test live, still many of us can not use it without the work around, no word on the fix for this ??? no update on this issue even??? Great communication with the community sorry if this seems harsh but why have test live if its broken but for a work around?

Oh and for all of you who want to say you keep asking this yup two weeks not fixed, I do keep asking and will continue too. There are many issues I have reported but can not even see if they happen to get fixed as the client it is broken. Its frustrating that they broke it but more frustrating we get not even a we are working on it in two weeks. Sorry but it is very.

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I have checked and their system requirements state Win 7 is supported as of 5:45 Pm ALT so if it is not able to work with Win7 then they need to change their advertising and put out a notice to all players as this will effect people as soon as they bring Testlive patch to Regular game, then to leave it stated on their game sales page that it will work and it does not , well that in my country that is considered false advertising.

I had read the response to you and felt to be honest it was without him first checking that indeed it was sold to work on the Win7 system but it would be really nice to see some of that promise communication we were promised is my biggest issue on some of these important problems.

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USA Testlive PVE Server

I’ve seen a thrall/player keep an arrow in their hand before, but this one is new to me. Screencap included. Please don’t let my thrall fire an epic quality mace from their bow. I went to the thrall’s inventory to decipher what was happening, and the mace appeared to be gone. Shield in her backpack, Bow in her primary hand slot. Mace nowhere in the inventory. After manually unequipping the bow and putting it into her backpack, the Mace appeared in her primary hand slot. I then manually unequipped it and returned it to her backpack, after which point everything seemed normal.

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I was worried when I didn’t see the mace in inventory. What if it were a legendary weapon, and what if it disappeared ?

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Confirmation, this works (but the “connecting to funcom services” is REALLY annoying)


At this point most people who have quit would probably feel much better playing the game if they knew that it was being worked on and knew there are devs who cared about this game. Why is it still so broken? Why does it take so long to fix the AI? I lost a snowhunter when raiding as she got stuck in the foundation and the defending slaves just killed her without her fighting back. Why is this still a thing and how can people be expected to enjoy a game this poorly executed?

The game is not playable and with the devs not understanding the outsourced code enough to fix it without breaking other parts means that there is NO structural integrity in the AI codebase, and the logic seems to follow a monolithic architecture as it’s been broken for years and the fact that it’s not at a standard where I can play a full hour without something bugging out proves this. Along with the fact that the teleporting to player feature doesn’t always work is another sign. That piece of logic could be it’s own thing. Also why is my follower constantly stuck? Does this happen on ark? Ever? No. And even if it does, it’s because a dino is stuck behind a tree. A thrall gets stuck inside the ground or is glued to specific spots (Not by an obstacle).

Why am I still losing items to slaves due to rescuing them from inside mountains, where it is impossible to recover them? I have screenshots of me climbing up a mountain, altering the camera to see through a wall to see my snowhunter who is wearing godbreaker on scouting near my base, impossible to retrieve without losing all equipment.

Is tencent not bolstering the team? Are they working on something else? Why is the game being sold at £45? Why is the red mother still putting my slaves into the floor? Why is my rope when coming out of dungeons not attached to a knocked out slave? Why does my thrall still not attack, or put their weapons away as they’re about to? Why not scrap the framework and rebuild the application so that the devs in house can understand it and roll out fixes faster? No matter how much money you put into the company, if the codebase is a mess it will take up too much resources to maintain. Can it not be rewritten to benefit the long run?

Why do I fall through foundations in my own base? Why are the items in my inventory disappearing? Why are the NPCs always invisible? Why must I look for floating weapons to get a sense of my surroundings? Why can I no longer see my followers HP? People have been asking for a player buff, yet nothing has been done. Why are purge thralls and monsters spawning inside mountain walls where we can’t attack them?

Nothing is fleshed out, and it’s difficult for new players to enjoy the game because as soon as they get to the point of getting slaves, guess what? They realise how bad the AI is! Also ark has also altered their night time so that we can still see to some degree. DESPITE having night vision goggles. Who actually wants night time to be pitch black? It’s literally the game’s unplayable mode. Are we expected to just put the controller down every time it gets dark or just camp at base? Who asked for this?

It’s not just bad design choices and ideas, but terrible implementation aswell. I’ve bought a game at full retail price which wasn’t even devloped by senior devs, but people who are using funcom as a stepping stone for their careers and that is the harsh reality.

My question is; when will this change?

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